Story time with comedian Jimmy Tatro in The Living Room

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, YouTube personality Jimmy Tatro visited LMU to perform a stand-up routine. A flock of students flooded the Living Room, eagerly anticipating the show, while Mane Entertainment handed out wristbands in an attempt to limit the number of people in attendance. Unsurprisingly, the Living Room reached full capacity with about 300 students. A possible explanation for the large turnout is Tatro's 2.2 million YouTube subscribers and 205.9 million video views. Tatro has also appeared in popular comedies such as "Grown Ups 2" and "22 Jump Street."

Tatro’s performance was similar to the material that is on his YouTube channel. As a University of Arizona graduate and a member of Pi Kappa Phi, Tatro shared many stories of his collegiate experiences, including parties and confrontations with the police. 

In a particularly funny anecdote, Tatro reminisced about a bad drunken experience that involved him in an elf costume at a Greek event. After one too many drinks, he lost track of where he was and was pursued by the police. Instead of running the other direction, he tried to scale a fence and was stopped while halfway up.

When he was taken to jail, he could not recall how he got there and he felt he had to redeem himself in an assertive way, after vomiting profusely and attempting to fight someone twice his size. His response, while still dressed in an elf costume: "Santa's gonna be so mad!"

"I think he's so popular at LMU because he can relate to college students the most and that's what most of his jokes are about," said junior psychology major Glenna Pasinosky.

Although Tatro had to leave for a flight soon after the performance, he still managed to take pictures and meet with 20 lucky winners of a Mane Entertainment competition in which students had to answer a riddle.

Junior accounting major Davelyn Couch said, "I've been watching Jimmy's videos ever since his first YouTube channel. He's hilarious, awesome and I've always been a huge fan. I knew I had to meet him, so solving the riddle was a must. I was so excited to know I'd finally be meeting him."

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