Original music performed at Convo

Sophomore communication studies major Christopher “Nate” Barrett (top left), Trevor Brown (top right) along with drummer Jeremy Barrett make up the band The Bash Dogs, who performed songs from their EP at Convo on Sept. 23.

Three, two, one...Bash Dogs. Or at least that’s what sophomore communication studies major Christopher “Nate” Barrett and brother Jeremy Barrett thought they heard during NASA rocket launches as kids.

Thus came the name of their band. “We view ourselves as just a bunch of teenage dogs – a bunch of grimy, street, teenage dogs that want to bash our brains out,” said Nate.

Formerly known as Snap Krackle Rock, The Bash Dogs are an O.C. based surf rock ‘n’ roll band with Nate on lead vocals and guitar, Jeremy on drums and Trevor Brown on bass. The band performed on Sept. 23 during Convo, playing original songs from their six-track Extended Play (EP) such as “Tick Tock Tick,” “Summa Daze” and “Miss Myself,” along with a cover of The Beatles’ song “Twist and Shout.”

“In fifth grade, our dad made Jeremy and I do this Van Morrison song at a talent show with just a few of our fifth grade buddies, a total kid band. So we’ve had such a great musical influence from our dad. We’ve been doing music ever since,” said Nate.

Nate starts off the writing process for his songs by composing the music first, followed by writing the lyrics. According to Nate, he enjoys writing his music “somewhere beautiful” for inspiration, such as by overlooking the view of the ocean on Catalina.

The Barrett brothers went through about five different bassists until they found Brown about a month ago. In fact, Brown did his entire recording for the band’s recent EP in his basement.

The band strives to create a more raw sound inspired by musical influences like Jack White, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother and Cream. “I’m a huge Beatles fan. I love Paul McCartney; being a bassist, I look up to that guy. He’s so rock ‘n’ roll but at the same time has great pop sensibilities,” said Brown.

The band is a winner of KROQ’s Battle of the Bands and has played many Southern California venues, including The Honda Center and two sold out shows at The House of Blues. The Bash Dogs will soon go on tour to promote their latest EP at various colleges and high schools along the west coast.

Nate’s goal while at LMU is to make connections and focus on his music. Younger brother Jeremy might become an LMU Lion himself next year, but his priority too will remain with The Bash Dogs. When asked what they would want LMU students to know about them, Brown responded, “We’re coming after you, Lions.”

Ivetta Babadjanian is a senior Communication Studies major from Glendale, California and is currently the Life+Arts Editor for the Loyolan. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and binge watching Netflix.

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