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With spring break just around the corner, students on campus are anxious to put their books away and start getting on with the plans they’ve had ready for months. The ultimate spring break doesn’t come from winging it — unless you’re ready to get in your car and drive until you end up somewhere you’ve never been before. Some people plan to go to Cabo, some plan to go to Europe and some just want to stay in bed for a week — and I don’t blame them. These students, ready to soak up the sun and have an adventure, shared their exciting spring break plans with me.

Luciana Witowski, sophomore marketing major:

“I’m going to the Bahamas with my big and twin members from Delta Sigma Pi, and I’m really excited to just relax and enjoy the weather, since it’s been chilly here in L.A. I’m also excited to travel somewhere different and experience new things.”

Lindsey Peterson, sophomore psychology major:

“I’m going to visit the Bay Area where my friend lives. I am most excited to venture around San Francisco and eat good food. I’m also looking forward to going to hang at the infamous Baker beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.”

Cat Connors, senior psychology major:

“My friends and I are doing a ‘staycation.’ So, probably shopping a lot, which is what I’m excited about — and drinking ... and margaritas.”

Maya Asher, senior communication studies major:

“I’m just going to Seattle and Vancouver to visit friends and family, so nothing too exciting. I’m looking forward to goingsomewhere cold and snowy for the most part.”

If you haven’t planned anything for spring break and you’re just enjoying the time off, there’s plenty of time to travel during the upcoming Easter break or over summer. As one of the major benefits of being an LMU student, there are multiple study abroad programs that last a short time over the summer break or service immersion trips, if you’re looking for something fulfilling and experiential. You can always visit the Study Abroad Office in the Von der Ahe Building or the Center for Service and Action office in St. Robert’s Annex for more information on opportunities over breaks or throughout the year.

This is the opinion of Cory Hutchinson, a junior sociology major from Palm Desert, California. Tweet comments to @LALoyolan or email comments to

Cory Hutchinson is a junior Sociology major from Palm Desert, California. Cory enjoys iced almond milk lattes, traveling, writing, and cooking. He also has binge watched "Sex and the City" multiple times and loves Dua Lipa.

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