As COVID-19 reaches pandemic status, the University has moved to online classes for the duration of the semester. Students living on campus have been asked to move out by March 22, but were able to file petitions to remain on campus.

“Ken [Cavanaugh, ASLMU president] and I have both been adamant about the University's need to continue to support students, especially international students, members of the LGBTQ+ community who may not feel safe or welcome returning home, and students who rely on federal work-study and T-Work,” ASLMU Vice President Emily Sinsky told the Loyolan.

Elsie Mares, a junior political science major, and Sinsky have made a mutual aid spreadsheet open to all LMU students. The spreadsheet is open for anyone to fill out with any housing, transport or food they can offer.

“A Mutual Aid form helps organize needs and help within a community during uncertain times, lots of neighborhoods and students from other universities have created them as well,” said Sinsky.

A petition started by Raven Yamamoto, a junior journalism major, urges LMU to issue a “tuition decrease or partial tuition refund” since classes have moved online and students have been forced out of housing. The petition also calls for the University to act upon issues such as graduation and equal achievement. At the time of publication, the petition had nearly 4,000 signatures. To help students stay up to date on this, an Instagram account, @actnowlmu.

According to Cavanaugh, the University has issued work-study accommodations for students with on-campus jobs. In an email to students, Cavanaugh asked for students to reach out to them or ASLMU for financial or moving assistance.

On March 14, Thomas Poon, executive vice president and provost, announced that online classes would be delayed until March 23 so that students are able to move out of residence halls. Dining hours have been updated as a result of the campus-wide changes as well.

As of March 16, six Bay Area counties have issued a shelter in place order: San Francisco, Contra Costa, Marin, Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo.

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