Students can expect to return to the Bluff in the fall, provided that safety is not compromised. 

"Our goal is to return to our campuses next semester," read a message sent out to the LMU community by the Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas Poon on Tuesday, April 28. 

The Provost expressed confidence that students and faculty will be able to return to the Bluff for the fall semester, given that the return does not violate public health policies. Administration is currently exploring possible changes to be made to campus life to ensure that it “aligns with guidance from public health authorities.”

"Should circumstances require, we are considering a broad range of alternatives, such as adjusting the academic calendar, utilizing unconventional spaces and complementing classroom instruction with hybrid methodologies," read the message. 

For students expecting to live on campus next semester, the message stated that upon the reopening of the residence halls, administration "will adhere to social distancing and other protocols." It is unclear exactly what that could mean for incoming residents.

Although hopeful to return to on-campus life, the Provost still encouraged students planning to live off campus to communicate with their landlords about potentially switching to a month-to-month rental agreement due to the continued uncertainty of the situation. 

Universities across the country continue to grapple with the same decision LMU has been faced with. After Boston University was the first to announce the possibility that their students may not return to campus in the fall in an article published on April 10, the university has since revised their statement and declared that on campus life will resume. 

Harvard University has likewise announced its plans to continue instruction in the fall, but whether that be in-person or online is uncertain. 

As for the current online semester coming to an end for LMU students, the deadline to opt for credit/no credit grading and withdrawals has been extended to May 11, according to the message.

Administration will continue to communicate with community members regarding the fall semester and any changes that will be made. Students and faculty can expect to receive the next update by May 27, according to the message.



Molly Jean Box is a junior journalism major from Boulder, Colorado. Her favorite part of working for the Loyolan the free pizza. In her free time, she likes to think about the Loyolan.

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