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Universal basic income (UBI) has attracted the attention of many voters, including college students. In this video, Election 2020 breaks down what UBI is and why 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang thinks it's a good idea.

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Los Angeles Trade-Technical College hosted a campaign event for presidential candidate Joe Biden earlier this month. He discussed gun violence, DACA and the education system.


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Update 11/7/19 1:31 a.m.: This article has been updated. It originally stated that the University of San Francisco did not have an active College Republican or Democratic group on campus. USF actually does have a College Democrats group officially associated with the DNC. The article has bee…

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The Human Rights Campaign will host a CNN Democratic Town Hall in Los Angeles tonight. Its focus: LGBTQ+ issues. Nine candidates will participate in the event, including Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders, who is currently recovering from a heart attack, will not appear.