While Joe Biden might have won the presidency, the GOP had a fair share of victories on Election Day, especially in California. Cristobal Spielmann of the Election 2020 team looks over these wins and talks to congressional candidate Joe Collins to learn where the CAGOP goes from here.

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Pat Rosen

Democrats have destroyed California. Full stop. Cities like San Francisco and now Los Angeles are reaping what they sow by electing and reelecting the same leaders promoting the same failed policies. Californians might finally be waking up to this, unfortunately enough Republicans and middle class folks have already left the state in order to buy homes, open businesses, acquire wealth, all the things that are almost impossible to do in California these days. The 'social justice' minded students at LMU are completely insulated from all this and don't need to suffer the consequences of supporting candidates who only want to increase taxes, increase regulations, increase entitlements and make California a failed state, they get to sit back and feel good about themselves while the rest of the state turns to ash. As soon as they graduate though, as soon as they think about buying a house or saving for retirement or wanting a higher standard of living they'll get a REAL education. Hopefully they leave their pie in the sky political outlook behind after they graduate.

Pat Rosen

Class of '96

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