The way Los Angeles County and LMU vote is going to change dramatically this primary season and beyond.

Rather than having to go to a polling place, voters in L.A. County will now have state-of-the-art vote centers with brand new machines to encourage more people to vote and to make the process easier, as reported by LAist in September of last year.

This election cycle, there are many initiatives that are focused on increasing voter turnout. Rather than just having one day to cast your ballot, you now have an 11-day period. Voters now have specially designed vote centers with full language services that will be set up across the county without being assigned to a specific polling area, meaning you can vote at any center.

On top of this, LMU will serve as one of these new vote centers, as confirmed by President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., in an email sent to students on Tuesday.

“With primary season in full swing,” Snyder wrote, “our LMU community is harnessing the energy from the debate as we continue to participate in our democracy by serving as a Los Angeles County early digital vote center for the primary and general elections.”

Unfortunately, some students are unaware of the changes made to the voting process in L.A. County, let alone that LMU will be a digital voting center during this process.

"No I haven't, I haven't been paying attention," said Kevin Lee, a freshman mechanical engineering major, when asked whether or not he had heard about the new changes to voting in L.A.

Students like Lee could be left out of the voting process if information about LMU's role as a vote center isn't communicated loudly with students, hindering voter turnout.

If you can't cast your ballot in person, absentee voting by mail has also been made easier with over 150 drop-off locations in L.A. County. Even the postage for return letters is pre-paid, so there's no excuse for not being able to get a stamp.

California will have its primary election on March 3, on an event called Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday is a day in the primary cycle where multiple states have their respective primaries on one day. California will also have the most delegates available for grabs out of any of the Super Tuesday states.

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