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8 infographics with everything you need to know about President Snyder's inauguration

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Loyola Marymount University will celebrate the inauguration of its 16th president, Timothy Law Snyder, this Tuesday. To help you get to know Dr. Snyder better and to give you a better idea about what to expect from the inaugural celebrations, we pulled together these eight infographics.

1. Snyder comes to LMU from a long academic career at East Coast Universities.

Dr. Snyder's Career Map

2. Snyder is the University's 16th president, and its first Catholic president who is not a Jesuit.

Past Presidents of LMU

3. The theme of the inauguration festivities is "Global Imagination." We'll get a better idea of exactly what this means in his speech at Tuesday's ceremony, but we can get an idea from a few things he said to the Loyolan before the school year started.

Snyder's Global Imagination

4. Student leaders from a variety of organizations gave their own ideas of what "Global Imagination" could mean.

Student Leaders' Thoughts on Snyder

5. Snyder has some pretty big goals for LMU, and wants to raise the university's profile.

Snyder wants to wow

6. LMU's two living former presidents had some words of advice for Snyder.

Advice from former LMU presidents

7. The invitation to inauguration was pretty elaborate. The Loyolan talked to the artist to find out more about the inspiration.

Anatomy of an Invitation

8. Although inauguration events began last week with an academic lecture, the bulk of festivities will be this week. Most classes have been cancelled for Tuesday, the main day of celebration.

Inauguration Schedule

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