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A guide to LMU's own superbloom

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It seems like everyone and their mother has been traveling far and wide to find the best super bloom in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to many, LMU has several of their own super blooms up their sleeve.

It’s really not hard to get in the springtime mood while walking through sidewalks of Hannon, which are filled with the pinkest flowers you’ve ever seen. For all of those history buffs out there, the ancient Romans used to associate Verbena flowers with Jupiter, god of the sky. So, you can thank Jupiter for your next enjoyable mid-afternoon stroll.

Mother Nature was extremely kind to Leavey circle this year. The LMU hotspot to get picked up and dropped off has quickly become the LMU meetup location to see some serious flower action. With a wide variety of flowers such as Verbenas and Calliandras, the spread has a diverse and exciting range of colors.

People have been calling the flowers in front of Sunken Gardens “out of this world,” and this is true in more ways than one. First, in terms of their beauty, each flower is genuinely unique. And second, the flower is commonly referred to as Garden Cosmos. So the next time you decide to take a look up to the stars, remember that something just as cosmic is standing right in front of you in the form of a flower.

The next time you visit Sacred Heart Chapel, make sure to look out for the angelic white flowers known as African Daisies. Now, I’m not saying God chose to put His favorite flowers right next the church, I’m just saying it’s a possibility considering how alluring these flowers are.

Next time you make a trip to U-Hall, make sure to stop and smell the roses. Except don’t stop because that’s really irritating to the people behind you and don’t smell the roses because they are none, there are only Calliandras. No need to worry, however, these flowers are just as beautiful and they won’t poke you with their thorns.

Cormac Dolezal is a sophomore film production major from Minnesota. When he's not listening to the Beatles or procrastinating his homework, he's probably making movies.

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