Of the three on campus coffee shops, the Lion’s Den is consistently voted number one. It isn’t hard to see why, with its cozy atmosphere, creative drinks and cheap pastries, the Den has a lot to offer.

But it gets even better — while students may like the Den for its poppin’ playlists and comfy couches, the shop gets even cooler the deeper you dig.

Noah Wall, a sophomore marketing major who has worked at the Den since last year, said it’s a great place for relieving stress. “You can be having a crazy week and you can come in here and it’s just like, peace … everyone’s pretty courteous and pretty nice.”

Zoie Stanton, a junior psychology major who has been at the Den for over a year, agreed. “Come to the Den,” she said. “We love making coffee, and it’s a good little community. It’s a good vibe.”

“It’s a big family; everyone’s super close,” Wall said of his coworkers. “I got to know everyone, even people I never would have expected myself to be friends with. Everyone’s friends with everyone [at the Den].”

Stanton said that she gets to know regulars and what they get. For some people, she begins making their drinks before they even order. She finds certain orders so odd that she questions how they could possibly drink it, but typically people stick to the menu on the board.

Wall likes the unique orders. “I would recommend you go outside your comfort zone,” he said. “Maybe try the drink of the week.”

Stanton said she believes customers are typically more kind to student workers than other customer service workers. “People know this is a student-run coffee shop ... obviously people are gonna be way nicer,” she said. While she’s noticed people tend to be more impatient with the Den during midterms and finals, people are usually more friendly here than they were at her previous job at Foot Locker.

When asked what drinks they were, each student had very specific Den drinks that they could identify with.

If Stanton was a drink, she said she’d be a vanilla latte freeze with caramel drizzle, two espresso shots and whipped cream. She chose a blended drink, because she’s “blended with so many different things … I do so many things around campus.” She chose caramel because she “feel[s] like [she’s] smooth and cool.” And two shots because “you have to spice it up here and there … and [she] tend[s] to be energized.”

Wall would be a mocha. “It’s like a blend of coffee and chocolate, so it’s a little bitter, like the truth (or being too brutally honest)… But you also have the chocolate, like I could be a nice guy,” he said.

Wall’s advice for LMU students? “I would say get in here before it’s too popular. In the last few years it’s really taken off.”

Stop by and enjoy a Sig Freeze, a latte freeze with chocolate bars and coffee beans recommended by Wall, or an Odwalla Freeze and heated morning bun pastry, recommended by Stanton. They’d love to see you come in and try something new.

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