From the most expensive Spanish-style mansions in the depths of Beverly Hills to $12,000 crocodile boots, Netflix shares the lifestyle of an extremely wealthy Asian friend group in their new reality show, “Bling Empire.”

“Bling Empire” follows the elaborate drama that surrounds each member of the friend group. Their everyday lives consist of attending the hottest parties in LA, spending absurd amounts of money on Rodeo Drive and, of course, instigating unnecessary drama with each other.

With members of the group that are worth over $600 million and trust-fund babies that are descended from ancient dynasties in Asia, there is no limit to their wealth. In comparison to other reality shows that showcase this lifestyle such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “The Real Housewives,” the wealth doesn’t compare.

The show starts by introducing the audience to Kevin, a model who has just moved to Los Angeles and has somehow become a part of the group, which consists of DJ Kim Lee, wife of the most renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills Christine, business owner and investor Kane and Anna, Kelly, Jaime and Cherrie who happen to come from past generations of billions of dollars. The sense of old money truly makes the show even grander in every sense.

Something that separates “Bling Empire” from other reality shows is the diversity and representation it has to offer. It isn’t very common that Asian people are the center of these types of reality shows. With an extreme sense of affluence, the cast showcases Asian holidays, traditions and how they usually celebrate.

The Chinese New Year party included the renting out of Rodeo Drive for an extravagant celebration. The celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival and a baby’s 100-day celebration are lavish parties that are also centered around Asian culture. Reality TV that showcases this level of wealth is usually associated with white people, but the fact that this show is centered around Asian culture makes it more interesting than the rich, white family narrative.

Because of the luxurious lifestyle and the intriguing cast members, “Bling Empire” is the perfect show to watch without having to think about anything except for the fact Christine wore the same Louis Vuitton diamond necklace as Anna to their dinner party. With only eight 45-minute episodes, it is almost impossible to turn off. “Bling Empire” will definitely leave you wanting more from this wealthy group of friends.

This is the opinion of Cerys Davies, a freshman journalism major from Monterey Park, California. Email comments to Follow and tweet comments to @LALoyolan on Twitter, and like the Loyolan on Facebook.

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