If you stopped by the Den last week, you may have noticed the Drink of the Week, "BALIs and Cream," which benefitted the Building, Advancing and Loving Indonesia (BALI) Club.

To raise additional funds and spread awareness about their annual service trip and club, the BALI Club recently began collaborating with the Den to create special drinks of the week.

With the ongoing debate surrounding the best coffee shop on campus, the Den might have just added a feather to their cap of caffeinated deliciousness with these BALI club-related drinks.

The idea was brought up by Fiona Jordan, a junior political science major, Den barista and marketing manager and one of the club’s original members who was inspired after watching a TikTok titled “Berries and Cream.”

The BALI Club became obsessed with the TikTok due to its catchiness, and Jordan decided that making a BALI Club-themed drink of the week called “BALIs and Cream,” made of raspberries, strawberries and cream, and would help generate attention for the BALI Club among Den lovers.

The BALI Club was founded by senior sociology major Lillianna Slaughter, a senior sociology major , who, after traveling to Bali to teach English at an after-school program during her gap year before starting college, wanted to contribute to Bali’s learning community.

All LMU students, regardless of class standing, can join the BALI Club by signing up during the annual Student EXP Fair.

After reluctantly arriving at LMU to begin college classes, Slaughter was contacted by a member of the local community where she taught in Bali who asked her if she could help run a sponsorship program, based in Indonesia, but from the United States.

Slaughter claimed, “Basically I inherited a small non-profit and I kept working on that alone by teaching myself the business aspect of things through the internet which was hard as an 18-year-old. I feel like I needed someone to help me run this.”

Luckily for Slaughter, she encountered Kaitlynn Pimentel, now a senior entrepreneurship major, in their Resident Advisor’s room while living at Sullivan Hall during their freshman year.

During their time in the RA’s room, Pimentel and Slaughter engaged in a discussion about Bali and Indonesian culture after which Slaughter took Pimentel to her dorm room where she showed her pictures from her trip.

Slaughter, Pimentel and five other LMU students then traveled to Bali in the summer of 2019 on a service-learning trip, and after returning, they founded the BALI Club. Pimentel called this trip the most humbling, beautiful and impactful experience of her life.

Both Slaughter and Pimentel’s belief that education is one of the most sustainable ways to combat poverty, inspired them to start the BALI Club whose mission is to make education as accessible as possible in Bali.

To succeed in its mission, the Bali Club focuses on raising the Bali fund every year, which is used to purchase educational resources, pay teachers’ salaries and improve school infrastructure in Bali.

The club also contributes non-monetary resources such as technological devices for virtual reading, helping to build after-school learning centers and sending food packages during the height of the pandemic.

The club also has an annual Bali trip every summer where 15 members of the club—who are selected from a pool of applicants who fill out the interest form—have the opportunity to explore Bali and do volunteer work.

Find more information at their Instagram page.

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