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Disney's D-Lish line is every food and Disney lover’s dream come true

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Earlier this year, Disney introduced a new line of merchandise featuring some of their park’s most coveted food items, from donut ear headbands to Dole-Whip-shaped purses to pizza socks. Labeled under the “D-Lish” collection, here are six things to watch out for the next time you visit Disneyland:

6. Disney Food Icon Coaster Set

Shaped like Mickey Mouse and colorfully decorated, these themed coasters are a must-have for any Disney fan that loves the awesome food choices in the Disney parks.

5. Disney Parks Food Icon String Lights

Whether you live in a dorm or apartment, these string lights are a fun addition to the room decor. They showing off that Disney love with a chain of blue Mickey Mouse and yellow Dole Whip lights. Small and convenient, these lights are sure to brighten up your day when you walk into your room.

4. Scented Food Pillow

Can’t get enough of the soft, scented Ufufies? Fear not. In addition to the soft Ufufy collection, Disney has now added a new collection of plushies that is entirely food-themed, including a delicious-looking Mickey bar plush that consistently gives off a soft chocolate-y perfume. Mmmm.

3. “You Had Me At Pizza” T-shirt

“You Had Me at Pizza” is the thing you need to show off your true love for pizza. This cute Minnie Mouse Pizza t-shirt is one of many pizza-themed items at the parks, and it comes in an actual pizza box to complete the pizza experience.

2. Pineapple Swirl Crossbody Bag

The Dole Whip is one of the most-loved food items of the Disney parks, and now Disney has added a series of Dole Whip-themed items to their collection. One of those items is a miniature Dole Whip-shaped crossbody bag. Vibrantly colored and topped with a miniature tiki umbrella, the purse is a must-have for Dole Whip fans.

1. Donut Ears Headband

Last on the list are donut ears headbands. Disney is well-known for producing a comprehensive set of themed ear headbands, and starting in 2019, they will be offering a new variation. To fully immerse into the Disney fandom, what better way is there than to top it off with a donut ear headband?

All these items are available in select parks only at the moment, but there are rumors that Disney will still be adding to the collection as the year continues, so keep on the watch.

This is the opinion of Sammi Su, a freshman marketing major from West Covina, CA. Tweet comments to @LALoyolan or email comments to

Sammi Su is a junior marketing and Asian and Pacific Studies dual major from West Covina, CA. In her free time, she loves exploring new food spots and making videos with friends.

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