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Despite being a short month, February still had many standout tracks and albums from new, upcoming artists to renowned, unconditionally loved artists. This month’s playlist consists of new tracks from artists like slowthai, SG Lewis and Christian Leave.

Here are the hottest tracks from February:

"CANCELLED" by slowthai and Skepta

In this track, slowthai’s usually angry and almost scary vocals perfectly mesh with Skepta’s impactful opening verse and chorus throughout the song. The song talks about how they are un-cancelable because of their renowned impact on British rap. The beat is subdued yet gripping and makes the listener want to turn the volume up to this ultimate angry anthem.

"Feels Right" by Roosevelt

With an enthralling funky opening, Roosevelt is able to blend an electronic feel with a funky indie song. The feel-good beat and rhythm of this tune are almost impossible not to fall in love with. This is the type of song that is destined to be played during the opening scene of an A24 movie.

"Valencia" by Yeek

Yeek has never disappointed with his releases, and his most recent release, “Valencia,” stands true to that statement. His mellow voice is paired with a rhythmic beat and an echoey tone that completes the song. This short track, being only a minute and 58 seconds, has an addictive quality that makes the listener never want to turn this infectious tune off.

"All We Have" by SG Lewis and Lastlings

This track has all of the quintessential elements for an excellent SG Lewis song. The consistent, head-bopping beat is looped throughout the entirety of the song. This beat is topped off by Lastlings’ deep alternative -sounding vocals that create a certain depth to the song and transports any listener to a nightclub in Ibiza.

"Boo Thang" by VanJess and Devin Morrison

The all-female R&B duo VanJess teams up with Devin Morrison on this track to create an irresistible R&B song. They tell the story of the beginning of a potential relationship by switching off verses and speaking to each other through the lyrics. This song is classic R&B with a slight influence of electronic sounds which blends seamlessly and creates a very memorable song.

"Sour Times" by Madison Beer

From her debut studio album “Life Support,” Madison Beer creates a soulful, electronic sound with this track. Despite being mostly known for her internet presence, Beer has continually grown as a musical artist over the years. The album as a whole and “Sour Times” show that she might still have some growing to do, but she’s definitely headed in the right direction.

"Goofy Hearts Club" by Lava La Rue

This track opens with angelic chords that are paired with La Rue’s high-pitched, vulnerable voice to create a heavenly tone to this song. After the first verse, this heavenly element is almost distorted by layering a more rhythmic beat that allows La Rue to demonstrate her range as an artist. In this song, she describes what it feels like to win and lose in the game she calls love.

"Filth" by Christian Leave

From Leave’s most recent EP “Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head,” the track "Fifth" opens with an acoustic guitar that later builds up to be more intense and hard-hitting. Leave lets his guard down with this heartfelt indie track by describing his intimate feelings of loneliness and exhaustion.

"Try Harder Still" by Glitterer

In this clouded post-hardcore track, Glitterer enthralls their listeners by the heavy and hard-hitting guitar and drums that overpowers their vocals. With a loud bass and almost unintelligible lyrics, it puts the listeners in the mosh pit of a rock concert that many are longing to attend especially nowadays.

"Pine" by Unusual Demont

Unusual Demont is new to the music scene. With only two released tracks, he has already made a splash by appearing on many mainstream Spotify-curated playlists. “Pine” is a smooth and groovy R&B track that focuses on his calming yet jazzy vocals that each listener is bound to fall in love with.

"Bonsai Love" by Sam Ezeh

In this captivating alternative R&B track, Ezeh writes about how being loved makes him feel like a bonsai plant. This clever metaphor, his voice that matches the vibe perfectly and a catchy guitar rift is all that Ezeh needed to create a song that is destined to get stuck in your head.

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