The debate surrounding Netflix versus Hulu has been around ever since the creation of these streaming platforms. People always have their preferences, and one platform will always have something that the other doesn’t. Yes, Netflix does have classics like "Clueless", but Hulu has cult favorites like "Rick and Morty."

But to judge the streaming platform on the content they have can only get someone so far. Contracts don't last very long, and each streaming platform is constantly adding and removing different content. The most defining and important feature of a streaming platform is the original content they produce, as it shows their capabilities beyond acquiring outside works.

Netflix and Hulu both created a wide range of movies and TV shows of all genres. Netflix is known for creating series such as “Stranger Things” and “The Crown,” while Hulu has created “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Act.” All of these shows are well-renowned, and each has been nominated for at least a few Emmy’s. But not every single original is going to be a hit like the aforementioned. There are definitely some horrible Netflix and Hulu originals. But (I took it upon myself to figure out which platform has the overall better original content.

It was a lazy Saturday. The sky was cloudy and there would be an occasional sprinkle of rain; it was the perfect environment for a Netflix/Hulu binge. I had nothing on my agenda for the day, so I turned to my laptop where I could access almost every type of entertainment. With this free time on my hands, I fulfilled my need for entertainment by scouring Hulu and Netflix for a binge-worthy original.

I started this hunt off with Netflix, where I stumbled upon original shows such “Grand Army” and “Emily in Paris.” I attempted to watch each of these but couldn’t make it to the end of the first episode. Both shows seemed formulated and conventional. “Emily in Paris” followed an American social media manager to her dream job in Paris. The show was not very funny which was unfortunate considering it was supposed to be a comedy. It starred Lily Colins, an actor that I respect and often enjoy, so I was rather disappointed. “Grand Army” was a classic high school show that attempted to follow different characters and their struggles. In my opinion, it was a little too hard to follow and left me in a state of confusion that just made me want to stop watching. Usually, I am a sucker for high school genre content, but “Grand Army” just didn’t do it for me. The quality of all of these shows were disappointing, despite the astounding reputation of Netflix. They were obviously of a high production value, but the writing and acting of the shows made it almost unbearable to watch due to its predictability.

With some of my faith lost in Netflix, I turned to Hulu where I found that were not as many options for Hulu Originals. But I came across shows such as “Normal People," from the novel written by Sally Rooney, and “Pen15” that seemed rather promising. Within the first ten minutes of “Normal People, I was hooked. It that had an encapsulating plot and was filmed beautifully. It follows a couple through the trials and tribulations of their relationship over the course of their lives. It was the perfect show to spend my entire Saturday watching. And after finishing “Normal People,” I decided to give “Pen15” a try. This show follows a pair of best friends' attempt to make it through middle school. It is an extremely accurate and hilarious depiction of what middle school is really like. With that said, “Pen15” didn’t disappoint either.

After comparing the Netflix and Hulu originals, it became clear that even though the options for Hulu were a little more limited, the content was more promising. It seemed like Netflix mass produces and values quantity over quality when it comes to their originals, and vice versa for Hulu. While I am still unsure whether Hulu or Netflix wins the crown in the battle of best streaming services, I have come to the conclusion that Hulu produces more entertaining original content. While Netflix keeps me coming back for it's wide selection, the Hulu Originals top Netflix Originals any day.

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