Here at LMU, students are fortunate enough to enjoy two substantial breaks during the month of March. With a week off at the beginning of the month and another few days towards the end around Easter, many students took advantage of the time that they had off. Granted, some students spent the second round of their few days off exploring L.A. while others visited neighboring cities and even states. I got the chance to talk with a few adventurous students about how they spent their most recent break. Here’s what they had to say:

junior Colton Kugler (left) and sophomore Sebastian Pereira (right)

junior Colton Kugler

sophomore Cassius Pettit

“Sebastian and Colton are my best friends and we love traveling together. We had already visited Colton’s home in Colorado and Sebastian’s in San Jose. I’m from Portland, so visiting mine was next! Those photos were taken in the Columbia River Gorge, which is a beautiful place right on the edge of Oregon. I wanted to show them some of the amazing Pacific Northwest and I thought this would be the best place. We all like hiking and outdoorsy stuff, so it was perfect. Colton and I are both film majors so we’ve always played with the idea of making a travel series where we go to different countries and explore the culture.”

- Cassius Pettit, a junior film and television production major

students pictured: sophomores Ashlynn Rose, David Niles, Leeban Farah, Carly Johnson.

“All during this trip to Santa Barbara, we went around town saying ‘hi, we're tourists’ to everyone on the streets. Most of this trip consisted of eating food, taking pictures and drinking coffee. We rented surreys and rode them on the beach, picnicked at the courthouse, which is where the boys decided to try some cool stunts while the girls had a cute little photo shoot. We also hiked up Lizard's Mouth Rock and were able to take in the stunning view of the entire city. There was a lot that we wanted to do in a short amount of time, so we were always on the move. These couple of days spent together resulted in a great bonding experience. Overall, we had a great ‘spring break part 2’."

- Catherine Azuala, a sophomore marketing major

“I went up to San Francisco for the first time because I’d heard so much about the city but never really knew what the vibe was. Honestly, it’s such a strange city because one minute you’re in the middle of some yoga-circus act in a park and the next minute you’re on this gorgeous hike overlooking the ocean. I’d definitely go back to explore it more, maybe take the ferry to Alcatraz or go vintage shopping in downtown.”

- Cory Hutchinson, junior psychology major

“My sister came from Portland to visit me over the break with a whole list of restaurants she wanted to go to. She's very wary of her fitness and nutrition, so most of them were healthier options. After spending a long day in downtown L.A., we went to a place called Sweetfin Poké, which was absolutely delicious. It was cool because while I was showing her around a city that was foreign to her, she was introducing me to new experiences. In addition to trying poké for the first time, I decided to take my sister to the Griffith Observatory on her last night in L.A. because I wanted to show her a different view of the city. Based on the number of photos she took, I think she was fairly impressed. It was really special for me to share the parts of the city I enjoy the most with my sister. Even through our lives are so different and separate these days, this trip helped to bridge that gap and give her a place in my life away from home.”

- Ariana Skeeland, a sophomore screenwriting major

As you can see, many students found fun ways to make the best use of their time off. Whether it be by traveling to a new place or exploring the city that surrounds them — students had no problem finding things to do.

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