I’ve been passing this one coffee shop on Lincoln Boulevard this past year, my attention continuously drawn to the multitude of flowers sitting outside the door. The name “Flowerboy” is painted above the storefront, leading me to believe it’s just a simple flower shop. It later came to my attention coffee is painted on the window behind the flowers.

I finally went to the Flowerboy Project in Venice, and it was not a disappointment. Honestly, it was one of the cutest boutique coffee shops I have been to, and the eclectic but clean aesthetic was to die for. The cafe offers coffee, a variety of toasts, some merchandise and flowers (of course).

The menu was spelled out on the wall in those bright colored letter magnets that reminded me of being a kid, spelling out words on my fridge. The vibrancy of the letters contrasted the softer colors of the flowers and the white walls inside the cafe.

I was immediately drawn to the Lavender Boy latte and the Peanut Butter toast, which consisted of homemade lavender peanut butter, wildflower honey and bee pollen on Danish rye toast.

The peanut butter toast was very rich and filling; it tasted like nothing I had ever had before. The peanut butter was salty and chunky with a hint of lavender. The wildflower honey added to the overall floral flavor. The bee pollen didn't taste like much and was probably only added for the health effects.

The latte was great, save for the sprinkles of edible lavender on top. The natural garnish made the latte look appealing, but in reality, all those little pieces kept getting stuck in my teeth. Most of the lavender flavor in the latte, however, came from the real lavender on top, so I wished there was a way to get more of the lavender flavor in the latte itself, but it was still an enjoyable latte.

After eating, my friend purchased a couple of flowers that were tied up with green yarn and wrapped in colorful tissue paper to make the perfect spring bouquet.

I am a big fan of Flowerboy. However, I think that I would be more hesitant to go back if the overall aesthetic of the shop were different. The ambiance of the space is so welcoming and bright, it makes up for the small complaints I have for the latte that I ordered.

This is the opinion of Donna Borges, a sophomore marketing major from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Tweet comments to @donnaborgess or email comments to aboulas@theloyolan.com.

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