Our new on-campus eatery, The Habit, opened its doors to the LMU public for the first time today on Nov. 9, and will surely go down as a day to remember in LMU history. In order to prepare its employees for the rush of students to come, the burger restaurant allowed limited students to come try the menu earlier this week, and this reporter was one of those students.

I ordered what I understand is a classic meal at The Habit: a charburger with fries and a drink. The charburger is a thin beef patty surrounded by lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, pickles and mayonnaise between two toasted buns. The burger is more comparable to a Big Mac than an In-N-Out burger, though the quality of the meat and toppings is closer to that of In-N-Out.

The lettuce is, as promised, crisp. It is cut in small, thin strips — once again comparable to the lettuce of a Big Mac. The Habit provides a fair amount of these strips, though, with nearly as much lettuce as all other ingredients combined. The tomato added a necessary freshness to the burger, as any good tomato should. The pickles are hardly noticeable, which is fine, as it allows for the sweet crunch of the caramelized onions (my favorite part of the meal).

The burger itself is tasty, arguably no different than the burgers of In-N-Out. However, make no mistake, this is a fast-food burger: it is thin and cooked all the way through. Nonetheless, it is quite delicious.

My one critique of the burger is the mayonnaise. I have never had The Habit before, but the mayo tastes incredibly salty. It overpowers the rest of the burger’s ingredients. In the future, I will likely ask for only a little mayo.

Onto the other parts of the meal. The fries are fluffy, yet crispy, with a thin layer of salt drizzled on top of them. They go well with all condiments and make for an easy snack. These are certainly better than Iggy’s or The Lair’s fries.

The big surprise of my dinner was the drink. Instead of going for soda, I opted to try both of The Habit’s signature juices: strawberry limeade and peach ginger nectar juice. The former was the better of the two—with its sweet taste refreshing me on a warm California day—but the peach ginger nectar juice is good, too.

Overall, The Habit is a wonderful addition to LMU’s food options. I would go so far as to say that it is the best thing LMU’s catering has to offer. It is worth the long lines that will likely wrap around the restaurant on its opening days.

This is the opinion of Jacob Cornblatt, a sophomore film production major from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Tweet comments to @JacobCornblatt or email comments to jcornblatt@theloyolan.com.

Jacob Cornblatt is a junior film, television, and media studies major who watches a movie every day. He enjoys laying in a hammock under a palm tree, longing for the suffocating humidity of Gaithersburg, MD.

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