In theory, YouTube is a wonderful platform where different people get to use creativity and video-making skills to make their voice heard in the world. However, lately, a handful of YouTubers have become household names and have since dominated the platform, leaving even slightly lesser-known individuals in the dust. Here are some of those lesser-known YouTubers, from a variety of genres, who are definitely worth paying attention to.

Comedy: Kurtis Conner

As far as comedy on YouTube goes, content can get very problematic very quickly. However Kurtis Conner, a 24-year-old comedian from Canada, manages again and again to successfully walk the fine line between producing roast content that’s funny and not overly rude or disrespectful. Famous for mocking strange events and trends on social media apps like the sudden popularity of TikTok, the “soft boy” epidemic and cringe-worthy celebrity tweets (ahem, Noah Centineo), his videos are relatable and sure to make you laugh.

Conner's comedy is great because he’s very self-aware as he makes sure to check his own internalized misogyny or privilege in his commentary. For instance, in his video tackling the "I'm Not Like Most Girls Phenomenon," he ensures that his video is not “an excuse for some guy in his 20s to make fun of girls on the internet, there’s way too much of that s*** already and I am not trying to contribute to that.”

Fashion/Lifestyle: bestdressed

If you’re looking to learn more about sustainable fashion, how to dress on a budget or how to decorate your tiny Los Angeles apartment, look no further than bestdressed on YouTube. Ashley, better known as bestdressed, started her YouTube channel to share her love of filmmaking, fashion and thrifting with others. Her channel is perfect for college students looking for style inspiration or anyone who’s interested in DIY fashion. Her creativity in content shines through in videos such as "50 Outfits for When You Have Nothing to Wear" or “Thrift Flip // DIY Urban Outfitters for Your Inner Hipster.”

Music: Cavetown

Robin Skinner, recording under the name Cavetown, writes and performs music by himself in his bedroom-turned-studio. Starting out with charming ukulele songs in 2015, Cavetown’s music has since reached genres of folk, alternative, electronic and hip-hop. Cavetown writes about themes of life, love and loss in lyrics that signify wisdom far beyond his 20 years of age.

His impressive musical talent can be seen in the acoustic version of his original song, "Green." Aside from his music, Skinner's channel also features wholesome content such as travel vlogs with friends and videos with his cat Fig. His kind personality and lovely British accent emphasize the friendly, welcoming mood of his channel. All in all, Skinner's music and videos are sure to bring comfort and smiles to all.

“Big Sister” Advice: Arden Rose

Arden Rose is a 23-year-old actress, author and YouTuber who specializes in chatty, Q&A style videos that characterize her as the big sister you never had. Rose's channel is a wonderful space for anyone seeking advice on topics ranging from sex education to how to successfully clean out your closet. In videos like "Why Am I Still Single? (and other ponderings)," Rose proves herself to be a great role model for those in and exiting adolescence. Rose's transparency and willingness to share her journey of self-discovery with the world is what makes her channel so genuine and special. Through Rose's channel, viewers learn about self-love, becoming an adult and finding the joy in life along the way.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with having several million subscribers, these smaller YouTubers demonstrate that mega-fame does not dictate the quality of content. Often, these YouTubers even work to break YouTube trends or norms, leading to a more unique voice.

This is the opinion of Emma Averill, a freshman civil engineering major from Porter Ranch, CA. Tweet comments to @LALoyolan or email comments to

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