LMU’s Marketing Society hosted a panel on Wed., April 14, featuring Benjamin Trinh — Uber’s global head of entertainment and cultural marketing. This panel is a part of the Marketing Society’s guest speaker series and was moderated by the society’s co-president Natalie Robles.

The event began with Robles asking Trinh to talk about his career and give background information about himself. Speaking about his career, he said "My team’s goal at Uber is to push the brand towards something culture-related.” Trinh then spoke about his personal life and mentioned that he was from Oakland, California, and graduated from UC Davis after which he lived in several cities before finally settling in L.A.

Trinh decided to call L.A. his home because “Los Angeles makes a lot of sense for me because my career is at the intersection of entertainment and tech and L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world.” After this, Robles stated that attendees could Trinh questions by unmuting themselves or dropping their questions in the Zoom chat box.

Most of the attendees asked questions relating to Trinh’s profession, college activities, advice for college students and digital marketing. Some of the details he revealed included that Uber has a huge upcoming campaign to put itself at the forefront of the next Olympics and that Postmates is currently working with a well-known celebrity to create a limited edition Shake Shack burger.

Upon being asked why panels such as this would benefit business students, freshman entrepreneurship major Francesca Diolanto answered “It would benefit students because they would be able to link the knowledge they receive at school to a real-life example. This event is also beneficial because it helps students gain a better understanding of the type of business field they would like to enter, which in this case is the food delivery business.”

Marina Deguchi, a freshman business administration major, answered, “I’ve been to a lot of the Marketing Society’s events and I always get to connect with the panelist after. They’ll be like,'Here's here’s my username; you can connect with me on LinkedIn.'" She continues,"I think this is super beneficial for networking which helps business students in so many ways.”

Overall, in their answers, Diolanto and Deguchi emphasized the importance of networking and learning about specific business fields. They say that the panel was very engaging and personal due to it's informal and candid nature. The ethos of the event resembled that of a business segment on a daytime show. The students thought it was very informative for students wishing to pursue careers in digital marketing .

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