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SFTV Women’s Society fights gender inequality

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Wrap Women

SFTV Women’s Society, along with fighting for women in film, attends networking events such as Wrap Women. Pictured is President Cierra Lockett and member Marion Arrou-Vignod, third year Writing and Producing for Television majors.

It is extremely apparent that the gender inequality within the film industry is in dire need of repair, and LMU’s School of Film and Television (SFTV) Women’s Society is doing everything in their power to change that. 

According to Celluloid Ceiling, a yearly report from San Diego State University women only made up 12 percent of the behind-the-scenes jobs in the top 250 films of 2017. That number is absolutely staggering. The same report goes on to say that 88 percent of these films had no female directors, 83 percent had no female writers and 96 percent had no female cinematographers.

The SFTV Women’s Society is a student run organization that strives to not only fix the gender inequality in the film industry, but to fix the gender inequality within LMU’s own film school. By offering support and education from industry professionals, the SFTV’s Women’s Society hopes to help the young women of LMU to find successful paths within the entertainment industry.

SFTV Women’s Society mission is as follows: “To build a strong community of women within the School of Film and Television, to inspire participation and ambition within its members and to create opportunities to act on that ambition, and to learn from those who have already made their way through networking and events with professional filmmakers.”

With these words in mind, SFTV Women’s Society hopes to create a group of strong and confident women who have the resources to allow them to be successful in the entertainment industry. One of the ways they achieve this is by directly connecting current LMU students with alumnae that have already started their careers in the industry.

On Saturday, Nov. 17, SFTV Women’s Society will be hosting the Foot in the Door Alumnae Panel. The event will consist of a panel discussion of recent LMU graduates and a speed dating event. Participants will learn about how to navigate the entertainment industry and secure entry level positions fresh out of film school. The event is for members only, so that is only a greater reason to become part of the group.

Lucille Brillhart, a second year graduate student majoring in writing and producing for television, got involved with the group last year and is now the vice president of the organization. “It’s a great community for women in film to come together to express their ideas and experiences in this industry. It’s always great to be with your peers and learn how they’ve navigated work, school and life,” Brillhart said.

Overall, the SFTV Women’s Society organization is doing great work at a time when it’s never been more important for women to be making films. On their Facebook page, you can find more information about the organization as a whole, the people that are involved and future networking events.

This is the opinion of Cormac Dolezal, a sophomore film production major from Woodbury, MN. Tweet comments to @cormacmdolezal or email comments to

Cormac Dolezal is a sophomore film production major from Minnesota. When he's not listening to the Beatles or procrastinating his homework, he's probably making movies.

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