With the start of finals quickly approaching, it's almost impossible for students not to experience feelings of dread as the few weeks of the semester continue to dwindle. Many of us have to face the harsh reality of still having so much to do, while feeling like there’s hardly enough time to do it. Oftentimes, at the end of each semester, I find myself wishing that I wouldn’t have procrastinated so much and begin counting down the days until the start of summer vacation.

The couple of months that students have off in between school years are highly anticipated, especially with final exams looming in the distance. Summer vacation has always been something that I’ve looked forward to since the start of my educational career, not just because I’m a July baby, but because of the absence of, for the most part, anything school related. Don’t get me wrong — I’m happy to have the opportunity to continue my studies at LMU, but by the end of the school year, I’m convinced that we’re in need of a break.

Another benefit of summer is the warmer weather. Not only does the L.A. heat provide more opportunities to show more skin, but it allows for creative clothing combinations in attempt to survive hotter temperatures. With all of this in mind, I’ve put together a summer fashion guide with the hope that you’ll be staying cool in any situation.

Water works

When the temperatures rise, there’s no better place to be than laying out on the beach or relaxing by the pool. Dressing for these occasions aren’t too tricky because minimal clothing is required; however, less clothing does not equal any less cute. I’ve always dressed simply for these occasions by wearing a swim suit under a pair of shorts or sundress to avoid having to struggle with my outerwear. Sandals are also a favorite of mine because they’re easily slipped on and off.

Fun in the sun

When I think of having fun in the sun, I imagine all of the times that I’ve spent outdoors with friends and family. I think of backyard barbecues, sitting in the grass at a park and hiking around in various hills. Now, each of these occasions are different but can be styled similarly. A cute pair of overall shorts paired with comfortable tennies and your favorite lightweight t-shirt is versatile enough for any of these occasions.

Out on the town

Running errands is just one of those things that we all encounter on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Look stylish while still dressing comfortably in an outfit like a patterned sundress. Popular dress fabrics and colors that I’ve been seeing lately are floral, gingham, black and white stripes and plenty of pastels. Not only would a pair of strappy sandals go great with this look, but they would also be easy to get around in.

Road tripping

The last road trip that I went on ended tragically with a flat tire and my friends and I having to wait hours for AAA at a Chevron station in Firebaugh, C.A. Much like the town’s name, the temperature outside that day was uncomfortably warm, and I was not dressed for the occasion. Depending on where you’re traveling to over the summer, be sure to pack light because the more you bring, the more you have to take out of the car when roadside service replaces your tire. Some tips for packing light include trying to stick to two pairs of shoes minimum and choosing interchangeable pieces.

Relaxation station

Relaxing can be done anywhere but I prefer to do so in the comfort of my own home— my reason for this being that I don’t have to worry as much about what I’m wearing because no one other than my family members will be seeing me. In my opinion, the ideal summer relaxation outfit would be a pair of jersey shorts and a tank top. I’ve found that the H&M Basics line has some of the most comfortable clothes for relaxing in.

Business casual

For those of you struggling with how to dress for your summer internship, never underestimate the power of a good blazer. Look for something in a lighter color and fabric to keep things warm weather appropriate, and throw it over a sundress or a shirt and slacks to elevate any outfit to a professional level. Pair your blazer with a nice pair of flats — but stay away from sandals — and you're all set to take the office by storm.

However you end up spending your time over the summer, I hope that you do your best to look the part. Summer is the ideal time for going on adventures, so why not be adventurous with your style and try out some different looks? Whether you spend the majority of your time relaxing poolside or traveling from place to place—always remember to live for the moment and to not forget to apply copious amounts of sunscreen.

This is the opinion of Paris Shepherd, a junior communication studies major from Ventura, California. Tweet comments to @LALoyolan or email comments to kchudzinski@theloyolan.com.

Paris Shepherd is a junior communication studies major from Ventura, California. She believes in fairness and the power of positivity. She also tries to model herself after Gandhi and bring about the change that she wishes to see in this world.

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