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The Fyre Festival documentary: a must watch

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Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was destined to be the greatest music festival of all time. The pristine private setting, with its music sets atop soft white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear Bahamian waters, was perfect. The vision for a luxurious oasis of cabanas and high-class tents was perfect. The lineup was perfect. The hype and the dream were perfect. The reality, however, was almost as far from perfect as it could get.

The festival was a scam. Just released on Netflix, "Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened" is an outstanding documentary about the marketing visions, big dreams and even more epic fails of our generation's nearly greatest music festival masterpiece.

The beautiful beaches of the Bahamas that supermodels like Bella Hadid posed along months before became the ultimate desire of rich kids and spoiled teens across the country. The hype built in the promo video and by over 250 top influencers was unbelievable. The marketing was genius. The ideas and dreams of what could be achieved were like none before. But we forget that psychopaths can market too. Psychopaths can dream big and nearly cost people their lives.

The documentary is like none I have ever seen before. It is fascinating and shows real footage and accounts of the entire process from the biggest dreams to darkest disasters. You will watch it again, and again and again. But remember, it is just what he wants. The hype for Fyre continues, the attraction for a disaster film is always there, and even in jail psychopathic con artists can manipulate you.

This is the opinion of Troy Salmans, a freshman film and television studies major from Boston, MA. Tweet comments to @salmansta12 or email comments to

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