For those looking to contribute to Black History Month in a meaningful way, shopping online at Black-owned shops is a great place to start. In honor of the month meant to recognize important figures and events following the African Diaspora, The Learning Community (TLC) and the Office of Black Student Services (OBSS) teamed up to create the Buy Black Virtual Marketplace.

Usually Black History Month starts off with the African Marketplace, which according to Director of the Office of Black Student Services Jeffrey Dolliole, is meant to “support local Black-owned businesses on our campus.”

Just because we cannot gather on campus does not mean that we have to neglect supporting Black-owned businesses. This year, the marketplace went virtual for the first time. Dolliole notes that they were able to open the marketplace not only to local businesses, but ones all across the country.

In it, you are able to find virtually anything that you might need. Sections include apparel, art, beauty, event planning, health and wellness, food and services.

In the apparel section, you will find some shops like Dreadchapo, which are meant to be worn by Black people and have phrases such as “Black and Proud” printed on them. There are also other shops like Fourth Period, which features high-end streetwear meant for all people.

In the art section, prepare to be amazed by beautiful pieces by Dawn Chantelle, or paint your own masterpiece with the mobile paint party business known as Paint 2 Gather.

There are perfect finds for Valentine’s Day in the beauty section! Check out shops like Pure Lilli and find things like face masks and other skincare items.

There is something for everyone in the magazine including event planning services like Ana Lexicis Bridewell and wellness coaching with Lava Lilly Lounge. You can even find golf lessons with DAS Golf Lessons.

The Buy Black Virtual Marketplace is already having a lot of success with over 500 views in its first week of distribution, according to Dolliole.

Talking about the depth of the magazine does not do it justice. Check it out for yourself here.

The Office of Black Student Services is committed to celebrating African culture and heritage. While they support African American students in their studies, they also want to bring an understanding of their history to LMU. Learn more about them here.

The Learning Community is a program meant for LMU first-years of African descent and gives them the opportunity to deepen their cultural awareness and give them resources for academic success. Learn more about them here.

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