Since the program launched in 2019, LMU journalism students have been doing important work in their classes. Now, they have been given an opportunity to publish their work on an online platform to share with the larger community.

The Lion was launched on March 15, showcasing the work of various students. Professor Tara Pixley, the faculty advisor for the site, has been working on this project for over a year. It is now accepting submissions from students across the University.

Students have been working on The Lion with Professor Pixley since fall 2020, when the publication had its first editorial team. They held off on the launch, however, because they wanted to get content on the site and give students examples of what the site is looking for. They now have articles in six different categories ranging from news to multimedia projects.

Pixley says “LMU’s journalism program has been growing in leaps and bounds in the nearly three years since it has been a major… We have so many students who are doing incredible work inside and outside of their classes and doing incredible journalism in media positions after they leave the program so we felt that an important step in the program’s future is solidifying a space where students can publish their work.”

Giving students an online platform for their work is providing them with a helpful tool to build resumes and have published work that they can refer back to for a long time after they have left the University.

The site’s benefits for journalism students do not stop there. The launch of The Lion has added yet another publication for students on campus to get involved in. Publications such as ROAR Studios, the Loyolan, the Tower Yearbook, and KXLU 88.9 FM offer hands on experience, but The Lion provides an unprecedented service. 

“We wanted something connected to the program specifically so that faculty could advise students who are getting their first experiences working with an editorial team,” Pixley says. And what better advisors to have than conditioned and experienced faculty that LMU has brought on to educate students?

With learning at the forefront of its mission, the site and the team behind it offer a place for students to get comfortable working with an editorial workflow in preparation for future opportunities.

LMU is filled with opportunities for those wanting to get involved in campus media, but Pixley notes that she feels as if they rarely work together as a cohesive media outlet. She believes that The Lion will also come to fix this problem, giving journalism students from all over campus a place to work with one another.

She sees an opportunity for different organizations to work in tandem and is beginning with an event that The Lion is hosting on April 7 — bringing back alumni who are working in the journalism industry currently. Pixley envisions The Lion as not only as a place for journalism students to learn from professionals but also a chance for all different campus media organizations to interact with one another.

The Lion represents another opportunity for journalists to learn from one another and advance their careers. Check it out for yourself here.

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