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What's new on Netflix and what to watch

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In the last month, Netflix has seen a surge of new content. New movies and television shows with ranging genres from dramatic comedy musicals to Australian travel game shows are now available for streaming. As Netflix takes over the television world, the content has only gotten better; releasing new shows and movies every month gives one little incentive to stop watching.

Here are some of my favorite new releases that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat scared, laughing or even just plain angry.

Two movies that I loved:


Jennifer Aniston is exceptional in her newest film, "Dumplin'", a Netflix Original that follows the plus-size daughter of former Texas' Miss Teen Blue Bonnet winner. When her role model and aunt dies, she is left to endure her mother's pageant season on her own, except this year, she isn't going to sit on the side anymore and watch blonde girls No. 1 and No. 2 win. She stands up for what is right, joins the pageant, encourages others to protest with her and does what no Texas girl has ever done before. The movie is alive and full of love, Dolly Parton and scenes that will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

"Bird Box"

Sandra Bullock is the star of this brand new Netflix Original film. The movie itself has blown up in popularity, inspiring its own "Bird Box challenge" and becoming an internet sensation. But, if you haven't actually seen the film itself and are just enjoying the hype, I suggest you take two hours and watch it today. Something is killing everyone. The world's population is vastly destroyed as the film follows the main idea “if you see it, you die.” Your worst nightmares and biggest fears are right in front of your blindfold. Bullock is excellent as the film follows her and her two children as they fight to survive the end of the world.

Two Television shows to watch:

"Instant Hotel"

At first look, this show may not seem like it's worth the 12 episode watch, but it is absolutely hilarious. The show follows Australian homeowners who have put their houses on an Air BnB type website, “Instant Hotel.” Each homeowner shows off their house to the other contestants in a game show type fashion. However, the show is much more than just that. The contestants are a joke: if you don't adore them, you hate them. The group is full of sneaky people who will win at any cost. The show is a game show, comedy, travel and home improvement show and a hilarious reality tv show all in one.


This new tv show follows the question, “what would you do for love?” If you love shows like Criminal Minds or anything that psychoanalyzes the mind of a psychopath this show is perfect for you. A simple crush leads to much more as the true horror of stalkers and psychopaths is revealed. Social Media and the internet become a weapon, as you are left on the edge of your seat wondering who will live and who will die in each new episode.

This is the opinion of Troy Salmans, a freshman film and television studies major from Boston, MA. Tweet comments to @salmansta12 or email comments to

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