Students have been waiting for the day that they might return to campus. To their luck, this day has arrived sooner than they might have thought. Monday, March 8, marks the first day that students can return to campus in limited numbers. Through all the excitement that this news has brought, it is easy to forget about the people who have made this transition possible.

Facilities Management has taken on an extreme amount of unforeseen responsibility over the course of the past year. Because activity on campus has not completely stopped, their work has allowed groups like on-campus residents and athletes to safely continue spending time at LMU.

One student who has reaped the benefits of their work has been junior management major Carolina Newton. Newton is an on-campus resident and an athlete on the women’s water polo team. She is especially thankful for cleaning crews, who she says are “essential for us to be able to proceed with on-campus life.” She says, “I’m so thankful for them making sure our practice spaces are COVID-19 safe and clean for us to continue training.”

In addition to adding sanitizing stations, the Facilities Management staff has taken measures to make sure that everyone who comes to campus is safe. Buildings are cleaned by professionals on a nightly basis and staff use electrostatic disinfection units to keep spaces clean.

The University has even taken measures to make sure that COVID-19 is not spread through ventilation systems and will be replacing filters every three to four months. It is the attention to little details like this that have allowed for students to come back to campus in limited numbers.

Without their hard work, students might not be able to live and work on campus as successfully that as they have this past year. Now, even more students will be able to enjoy the benefits of their work through College of Fine Arts classrooms, outdoor recreational facilities and William H. Hannon Library study rooms.

Facilities Management is making this possible by strictly adhering to all of the applicable University Human Resource Policies and Procedures and closely monitoring CDC guidelines.

Their work has greatly benefited students like sophomore history major Jackson Nye who hasn’t been on campus since March 2020. He is excited to return to campus and thinks things are moving in the right direction. As a lover of soccer, he is ready to make a reservation on Drollinger Field and experience campus life once again.

Nye shares this excitement with many other LMU students who will have the chance to come to campus for the first time ever. If you are a student itching to get back on campus, you can do so by registering here.

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