the den

The Den is located in Malone Student Center.

Coffee shops are probably one of the first places that you stop in the morning. You might even stop by again for a mid-day pick-up, or stop in for a relaxing cup of tea late at night. But, with so many on-campus options, where do you go? L+A intern Cerys Davies and L+A interim editor Nicole Norman narrowed it down to their two favorite coffee choices to try and answer this debate. Norman debates for the Den, while Davies is on the side of The Coffee cart.


Nicole: The Den

The lines at the Den are atrocious. Sometimes the line is 15-people deep, taking up space and making it crowded inside. Suddenly, it becomes a hassle to get your favorite cup of coffee. The study spot becomes less relaxing. However, if we are looking for a benefit in the doubt, the line usually moves pretty fast, and you will most likely spot a buddy or two to hang around while you wait for your drink.

in line

Students in line at The Den

Cerys: The Coffee Cart

The Coffee Cart lines are never too big of a hassle. If the line is longer than usual, they are extremely efficient and won’t make you wait for longer than 10 minutes, which can be a rarity on campus these days. The Coffee Cart is the best because not only are you waiting a reasonable amount of time, but you also get to enjoy the fresh air and take a second to stop and breathe in between your busy day.


N: The Den

Something the Den has that the Coffee Cart doesn't is student workers. One of the best parts of the Den are the friendly faces that work there; there's nothing like getting a cup of coffee from one of your buddies. Always so happy to be doing their job, the baristas at the Den are some of the friendliest people on campus. If you befriend them, they might even give you a free drink.


Student workers at The Den

C: The Coffee Cart

Everyone at the Coffee Cart is always so friendly and excited to take your order. Despite not having student workers like at the Den, they are all such great people to get to know and be appreciative towards. It is also important to recognize that there are more staff at the Coffee Cart, so your drink will be crafted to perfection.

Study Space

N: The Den

What a great place to study. The Den has comfy couches, big tables and a fantastic ambiance. Light music and a little bit of background chatter make for the perfect setting for you to grind out that paper that you have been procrastinating. Though you won't catch a cool breeze like you would sitting outside the coffee cart, you will find a great place to study at any time of the day. Even late at night, you can bring your buddies to get some work done and sip on some coffee. If you stay late enough, you can even get some pastries for a quarter.

C: The Coffee Cart

The ambiance of the Coffee Cart is unmatched. When the sun is out, there is always a cooling breeze that makes the tables by the fountain the perfect place to finish some reading. The tables are placed ideally as to where you can listen to the water crash down into the fountain while watching fellow Lions walk to and from class. It is the perfect amount of white noise in the background cranking out some homework and ideal for people-watching as well. Not to mention, it is also a great setting to meet up and have some coffee with some friends.


Students can study at the tables in front of the fountain after they go to The Coffee Cart

Drink Menu

N: The Den

While they don’t have boba, the Den has a pretty extensive and full menu. They have classics and seasonal drinks for those looking for something fun to try. With such a big menu, everyone has their personal favorite drink; mine is the dirty chai.

C: The Coffee Cart

The variety of the menu is really what makes the Coffee Cart the best place to be caffeinated on campus. They offer a wide variety of boba along with all the classic lattes and coffee drinks. They also offer a different variety of food options in comparison to the Den. They have lots of different kinds of donuts, croissants and cookies. The different options allow for a more personalized experience along with a peaceful scene.

coffee cart

Students outside of The Coffee Cart

The age-old question of Den vs. Coffee Cart remains in the eye of the beholder. Depending on your needs and your time, each will offer you something a little bit different. The coffee stops on campus serve as the places where students get together and exchange ideas and create relationships, so really, there is only one question remaining: chai tea latte or thai tea boba?

This is the opinion of Cerys Davies, a sophomore journalism major from Monterey Park, California, and Nicole Norman, a junior journalism from Woodland Hills, California. Email comments to Follow and tweet comments to @LALoyolan on Twitter, and like the Loyolan on Facebook.

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