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This week, outgoing editor-in-chief (EIC) Molly Box sat down with incoming EIC Alyssa Story, sophomore journalism and film, television & media studies double major, to talk about what she sees for the future of the Loyolan, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and aliens.

Molly Box (M.B.): First things first: Were you a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon kid?

Alyssa Story (A.S.): I have to think about this. It really depends, because the Nickelodeon universe … like the cinematic universe, was so spectacular. iCarly, Victorious, Zoey 101. But Disney Channel just came correct. Not only were the TV shows Disney Channel, but the commercials were Disney Channel. I could watch it for hours and catch music videos — Brenda Song eating around the world,["Pass the Plate"]  Disney 365 ... yeah Disney Channel.

M.B.: What is your most prized possession?

A.S.: I’m not really a physical things person, at the end of the day you can only take your soul with you, you know? But I guess I made a scrapbook when I was probably eight and I really thought it was like next level professional. Looking back on it, it’s really just... something different.

M.B.: Would you rather get abducted by aliens or come across Bigfoot?

A.S.: Oh definitely abducted by aliens. I would prefer all uncanny beings to be from off of this planet, extraterrestrial. The fact that there might be a Bigfoot roaming around this planet and, we haven’t figured it out even though we’ve pretty much destroyed this planet and he’s just hidden out there? That’s not good. But, if aliens came down from space and were like, “Hey, come with us,” I mean, I can’t say no.

M.B.: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A.S.: In five years I hope to still be writing and using my voice for good. I also hope to live somewhere that gets all four seasons, so I can wear sweaters and coats.

M.B.: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A.S.: Oh, I am a cat person. And I actually am an advocate for cats because people just always assume the only pets out there are dogs. But I’m a cat person, and I love cats. They do their business in private which I appreciate ... I think there is something about their faces and personalities that really float my boat. And, I feel like a cat doesn’t want to please you, you want to please the cat, and I like that. I want my cat to love me, and I really don’t think she cares one way or another. It’s too easy with dogs.

M.B.: Who is your favorite fictional character?

A.S.: I’m a huge fan of “Avatar the Last Airbender,” and I’m a big fan of Toph Beifong. That’s my favorite character. It’s a good show. If you’ve watched the show, you know.

M.B.: Tell me why student journalism is important to you.

A.S.: I think as students, we are the future of the world, and I like to think we are forward-thinking and willing to adapt how we think and see things. Having those people who are trying their best to be watchdogs and cover what is happening around us, and contextualize what’s happening around us is always a positive. Also I think because a student newsroom is always changing. The people who were in this newsroom when I first started are completely different than who they are now, and will be completely different by the time I leave. And that is something that most news organizations can’t say, and that means we are on the cutting edge of thought and idea because we are always getting new people. I think that is really important.

M.B.: Tell me what the Loyolan means to you.

A.S.: To me the Loyolan represents a goal and a collective purpose greater than yourself. For me, working at the Loyolan, and journalism in general, is not just something I love to do but something I feel good about ethically doing. The Loyolan is so many things, it’s my home on campus and it’s the first club I joined, and it’s like the last thing I do every night, so I spend a lot of time at the Loyolan. It’s a community, and it’s a group of people that are challenging ourselves to take a critical look at what’s happening around us and to try to make everything a little bit more understandable ... It’s part of what I love and makes me feel connected to what’s happening.

M.B.: Where do you want to take the Loyolan, what are your goals?

A.S.: I think we are at an important moment in both journalism and student journalism, and I hope to help the Loyolan capitalize on all the amazing work we’ve done to pivot to online this year and respond to such a historic year. [I hope to] lead us to take this new coverage and approach to journalism to the next level, and be a voice for the students, for all the students, and reporting on what’s happening accurately and responsibility.

Molly Jean Box is a junior journalism major from Boulder, Colorado. Her favorite part of working for the Loyolan the free pizza. In her free time, she likes to think about the Loyolan.

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