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Be The Match hosted a sign-up event on Palm Walk from April 22 through 24. It is the “largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world,” according to their website. The organization works to help save lives through bone marrow transplantation.

LMU students were able to sign up to be a donor through a QR code. Next, students will receive a swab kit in the mail to determine if they are a match to someone who is in need of bone marrow. If you are a match, Be The Match will contact you and coordinate plans.

By being a bone marrow donor, you are helping people who suffer from leukemia, lymphoma, bone marrow diseases and immune system or genetic diseases, according to the Be The Match website.

Amshu Medapa, a sophomore film and television production major, is a student volunteer for Be The Match. She was inspired to help after hearing about the organization in her Multiracial Imagination in America class.

“Our professor, Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks, introduced us to this organization and its relevance and importance to mixed people and minorities … due to the lack of donors and resources that these groups have for blood and bone marrow transfusion,” said Medapa.

Medapa emphasized that you do not need to be biracial or of an ethnic minority to donate. Anyone can and should participate. The donation process is different for everyone and can vary based on the person donating, according to Medapa. After completing the testing process, the odds of becoming a donor are 1 in 430, according to the Be The Match website.

At LMU, Be The Match wants to organize future events "as long as students are interested," said Medapa. In the meantime, Medapa encourages students to sign up on to get involved.

Grace McCauley is a freshman journalism major from Evanston, IL. She enjoys classic rock, indie, and rap music and loves her Labradoodle, Vivian.

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