Full letter from University President and Board of Trustees Chair

LMU's Board of Trustees has voted to cut elective abortion coverage from faculty/staff health care starting in 2014. The news was confirmed in an email message from University President David W. Burcham and Board of Trustees Chair Kathleen Aikenhead to faculty and staff – a copy of the message has been included here.

Also in the letter is notice of a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)-managed plan that will cover elective abortions. The TPA-managed plan, which will require faculty/staff to pay a "slightly higher premium," will be chosen soon.

"No LMU dollars will be spent paying for the additional coverage," Burcham and Aikenhead wrote in the letter.

The University Comprehensive Benefits Committee will review the decision and make a recommendation for benefits in 2015 and beyond.

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Kevin O'Keeffe is a senior screenwriting major from Austin, Texas. In Texas, he once saw a man riding a horse on the highway and knew he had to move far away– hence attending school in Los Angeles. He loves "Revenge" and Kelly Clarkson revenge songs.

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@rmonahan. No no of course that is true. But it remains a fact that statistically women are more pro-choice that men. Meanwhile, on both the national scale and at LMU, it is men that make the majority of policy decisions on the issue. This disconnect is dissappointing.


Kevin, do you not believe that there are Catholic women who are pro-life? The trustees decision couldn't possibly have been because it's a Catholic university upholding a widespread Catholic belief now could it? No you're probably right.. liberal arts Loyola Marymount in California is so content on taking away women's rights that this decision was made solely by men


The correct decision for a Catholic university.


And the board of trustees is 72% men. How surprising.

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