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A woman who worked for former LMU School of Education Dean Shane Martin filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming she was fired after refusing to comply with Martin's attempts to misuse university funds. 

Mary Navia, former administrative specialist who worked under Martin, detailed Martin's instructions to illegally use University money on pornography, expensive meals and unnecessary travel expenses, the L.A. Times reported. Martin denied allegations to the Times. 

Martin served at the University for over 25 years and now serves as the Provost of Seattle University, the Loyolan previously reported. Martin left LMU in June 2018. 

Navia claims she attempted to alert other superiors at the University, and that all attempts were unsuccessful. She claims that when she raised concerns to administrator Jordan Gadd, he told her pornography was an appropriate use of funds. The University and Gadd declined the Times' request for comment. 

The article by the L.A. Times further detailed Navia's claims from the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges:

  • Martin would help students participate in financial aid fraud, encouraging them to enroll in classes and drop once they received funding
  • Martin regularly spent LMU funds on personal matters and pressured her to participate in the act of circumventing funds to aid in his illegitimacy
  • Navia was fired for "unsatisfactory job performance" but claims no one complained about her work
  • Martin (and subsequently LMU) violated her labor rights by refusing to give her lunch and rest breaks and not paying her for overtime

In statement to the L.A. Times Martin "categorically and unequivocally den[ied] these false and outrageous allegations of wrongdoing."

Navia worked at the University from June 2017 until February 2018, according to the L.A. Times. 

The Loyolan is following this story as it develops. Follow the Loyolan on social media for updates. 

Isabella is as senior political science major from Seattle, Washington and Costa Rica. You can find her playing tennis or eating Asian food.

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