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As shared in President Snyder’s video briefing, LMU has officially announced plans to bring students back to campus. 

In the address, Snyder was “relieved to see” the seven day average for positive COVID-19 cases in LA County has roughly halved. He goes on to state “as of now, we anticipate resuming fully this fall.”

The university hopes to have full in-person instruction and activities by the start of next semester, granted the restrictions in LA County allow for such plans. Snyder notes he is “optimistic” for the future, but acknowledges the stricter requirements for the institution based on the LA County location. 

The President reminds students to wear masks, wash hands, and advocates for the community to receive a vaccine  “as soon as [their] dose is available.”

In a brief statement corroborating the Presidential video briefing, Provost Thomas Poon expressed excitement as he looks forward to welcoming students back to campus for “in-person instruction, housing, and campus activities” and also echos the reminder to maintain social-distancing and best practices to slow the spread of COVID-19

In addition to the formal announcement of Fall 2021 plans, Snyder shared the “great news” that LMU will receive “just over 7 million dollars” in new aid, a result of December’s stimulus bill. Of that aid, Snyder announced, over a third will be distributed to students in the form of “emergency grants.” Snyder stresses that the new aid will be distributed in accordance with demonstrated student need.

Snyder also shares his support for the Biden Administrations’ demonstrated “commitment to the issues and values that we hold dear at LMU.”

For more information on the reopening plan, visit LMU Together for the latest updates and campus safety protocols and Path to the Bluff to learn more about LMU’s continued reopening efforts. 

The Loyolan is following this story as it develops.


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