9 Burning Questions with Anca Reyes

LMU dining's resident district manager, Anca Reyes shares her experience as a professional ballet dancer in Romania.

1. What is your position here at LMU and when did you first start working here?

My official position is a resident district manager, and I started working in April of this year.

2. I’ve heard that you had a career dancing with a professional ballet company, could you tell me more about that?

I went through the ballet school/academy in Romania, so I did classical Russian ballet. Once I graduated high school, I got a job with the Hungarian State Opera House, and I worked for them for about [four and a half years]. It’s a big opera house [and was] founded in [1884] in Romania, so it has a big history. It was a privilege to work there.

3. What motived you to pursue dance before another career?

My dad was a dancer, professor and choreographer for 30 years. I have a sister [who’s] eight years older [who] was always the geek of the family with math and English, and I was always artsy. So my dad decided, “hey you grew up with [dance], you know it, you love it, why don’t you try it out?” And once they took me to ballet school, that was it. It just stuck with me.

4. Did you do any other styles of dance besides ballet?

I did classic Russian ballet, ballroom for seven years and then contemporary and folk.

5. Do you still dance when you’re not on campus working?

I guess socially. Dad and I put a show on for family from time to time, but I dance with my four-year-old who loves music. He hears [music] and he won’t stop [dancing]. But, not professionally, no.

6. How did you decide to move to LA?

My sister lived here since [1998], so I came to visit for a summer when I was still in school, and did a summer ballet [program] for three months, and loved it. So I figured that I wanted to stay and [my sister] said, “No, you’re going to go home and finish high school and get a job. And then when you decide that it’s time [to move], we’ll revisit that.” So in 2005, I decided that it was time to chase the American Dream, and moved out here.

7. What do you enjoy most about your job here at LMU?

I think it’s a really cool and fun environment to be in. It’s given me the possibility of living the college years again through [the students’] eyes. Having a hand to better or enhance that experience on a daily basis is pretty awesome.

8. What’s your favorite thing to do in LA?

I love the beach. We moved to Texas briefly for two years because we wanted to try out something different, and we came back because I went to the beach once there and said, “okay this is not a beach, we need to go back to LA.” My husband and I, and the little one [also] love museums and exhibits that pop up; they’re different and you don’t find them all the time.

9. What’s your favorite movie?

I have two that come to mind, Dirty Dancing and Black Swan. There’s a bunch of them, but I think those I could watch on repeat forever.

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