Jarvis has previously worked as both the Loyolan's News and Managing Editor.


The Loyolan newspaper has been a constant on LMU's campus; but Loyolan editor-in-chiefs (EIC) come and go every year. The Loyolan recently selected Adrien Jarvis, junior communication studies major on track to earn a journalism certificate, as the new leader of the organization.

Jarvis is no stranger to the Loyolan newsroom. She credited the beginning of her Loyolan career to her father. "That first weekend my freshman year, my dad convinced me to walk over to the Loyolan booth. [He] signed up my name for me and quickly, I started as a staff writer for News," Jarvis said. Since then, she has held the positions of Assistant News Editor, News Editor, Managing Editor and is now the Incoming EIC.

Jarvis will transition into the position on today. "I am really, really excited. I think we have a really good staff. ... [In] two and a half years, I've really seen [how] the newspaper has grown and I think it's just really impressive. ... But I am also nervous; it's a big responsibility."

Being the Loyolan EIC is no easy task. "I think that being EIC at the Loyolan is one of the toughest jobs on campus for a student," said Tom Nelson, director of student media at LMU. "I can guarantee you that there's no way [Adrien] will be outworked. She's a tireless worker." Jarvis also impressed Nelson during the selection process by how she embodied Loyolan standards, which include "being accurate, being relevant to our audience on campus and then being responsible as well with the way we report the news and how news is being covered. ... Adrien did a really great job representing all of those things in her interview. ... That's what really brought her to the top [of the selection process]."

Outgoing EIC and senior English major Kenzie O'Keefe is certain that Jarvis is capable of handling the workload and responsibility. "I have complete confidence [in] Adrien ... she's fully prepared to do everything and more than what I did," O'Keefe said. "I'm confident that the paper will continue to be great and grow to even greater heights ... and it'll be great to just sit back and watch that happen," she said.

When asked what kind of changes readers could expect from the Loyolan, Jarvis said, "One big, big focus for us is the website. We're going into a digital age, and there's a big push to just being online. And while we have a website, I think that there's a lot that's left to be done with it."

"I'd like to just keep striving to have that journalistic excellence that can get us such prestigious awards," Jarvis said. "I think [readers] have a lot to look forward to. I think it's a really good staff that's moving in a great direction, and {the Loyolan] is definitely something that people should be proud of in terms of when they think about LMU."

Jay Lee is a sophomore communications studies major and English minor. He is a Lakers fan.

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