News in Brief 12/4

Attempted bike theft near Del Rey North Hall

On Nov. 27, an unidentified man was allegedly attempting to steal a bike on the bike racks between the Whelan and Del Rey North residence halls around 11 p.m. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) was seen chasing the man down the Bluff around 11:30 p.m. but was unable to catch him. DPS continued to search campus grounds.

“We are not sure if the male was a student or visitor. We believe he jumped over the fence near the Bluff across from the Del Reys. We have no further information and have made LAPD aware of the incident. We encourage students to look their bikes with the U-lock,” Chief of DPS Hampton Cantrell said.

Update on back gate's license plate recognition system

The back gate's license plate recognition (LPR) system has failed to work for the past semester. The campus community can expect that the back gates will be fully operational by the start of the spring semester.

After trying to repair the gate hardware and LPR technology over the past several months with limited results, DPS decided to replace the entire system with different technologies and there has been new gate hardware installed. The new LPR technology will be programmed and tested during the winter break.

Julia Campion, a freshman psychology major, grew up in Whittier, CA. She enjoys eating all types of cheeses, buying journals with pretty covers, and watching Netflix between classes.

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