I’ve worked at the Loyolan since my first year at LMU. When I initially applied to the cartoon section, I just saw it as a nice part time job that I could do during school. I soon realized the newspaper was much more than that. Looking back, the Loyolan is one of the most consistent things I’ve had throughout college. Whether I was struggling with schoolwork or just life in general, I always had looked forward to the Loyolan meetings every week.

Walking into a group of people smiling at you, excited to work on something as important as a news publication, is really amazing and uplifting. Everyone on staff is super friendly and welcoming. This past year, people started to clap for me when I entered the newsroom. While it started as something funny, it soon became a weekly habit. This small little gesture always made me smile and feel really appreciated, even if it was initially a joke.

College can be rough and extremely stressful, but I think it is also where you get to find people who really care about you. Leaving LMU this year, I feel satisfied with my time here. Looking past my education and the beautiful campus, I’ve made friendships that I am so grateful for. My first semester junior year was a tough one for me. At the time I had 20 credits, was rushing DKA, a Cinematic Arts Fraternity, and had started my new role as the Cartoon Editor at the Loyolan. I constantly felt overwhelmed with work and thought was going to fail all of my classes. However, the support I received from the friends I made at LMU was unmatchable. Those little moments where I would play video games with my roommates, go to In-N-Out with my friends at the Loyolan, or got to hang out with people in the Lion's Den made me feel so much better about everything.

If you told me in high school that I would end up in a fraternity and an editor at the school newspaper, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I feel so lucky to have gone to LMU. While high school was a time where a great deal was changing for me, I think college was the time where I’ve grown the most as a person. I spent so many nights up late doing my animation homework, and during that time I was probably tired and stressed. However, looking back, I made some amazing friendships that I probably would not have if it wasn’t for all of those all-nighters.

If I had any advice for anyone reading this, especially those still enrolled in school, it would be to try and enjoy the moment as much as you can. College goes by so quickly and people, myself included, often stress out about the future. There are so many memories I cherish from my time at LMU. I know going forward that I will never forget the time I had here or the people who made it so wonderful. Looking ahead, I have no major plans after graduation other than trying to find a job, and I’m okay with that. I will miss everyone at LMU and definitely plan to visit, but otherwise I am just excited to see what happens and where I end up, wherever that may be.

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