KXLU alumna

Christine Palma (‘94), pictured above was known for her kindness and contributions to KXLU. 


Update 3/24/18 10:56 a.m.: This article has been updated it previously stated that a memorial service for Christine Palma will be held at the Church of St. Mark on Saturday, March 14 but the correct date is March 24. 

Christine Palma, public affairs director for KXLU, host of KXLU's public affairs program "Echo in the Sense" and an LMU alumna, passed away on Feb. 25 after a short illness. She was 47.

"She was a person of very generous heart and spirit, radiated love and light, exceedingly kind and caring and a peaceful and gentle presence one could always count on," said Lydia Ammossow, KXLU advisor, in an email to the KXLU community. "Christine cared deeply for the station and for her work on her program. It will be impossible to imagine our Sunday evenings without her."

Palma graduated from LMU in 1994 with a degree in creative writing and literature and had been with KXLU for over 24 years. Her show, which took place on Sundays, explored current events, feature pieces and long-form interviews, according to her website. She began as a student DJ before beginning her public affairs show after she graduated. 

"I've known Christine 13 or 14 years," said Peter Ludwig, also known as Mystic Pete, another KXLU host. "Her program was unique ... I was often struck by how compelling they were because I listen to a lot of radio and its not often that I'm hearing things that are new, but almost every show she did was an important show. You don’t meet people like that very often who are just good natured and friendly and always helpful.”

Palma’s shows were mostly about progressive politics, the arts, new thought or visionary ideas and were always greatly researched and compelling, according to Ludwig, which was a sentiment echoed by Chris Johnson, another host who worked the show before Palma’s.

“Public affairs programming, mandated by the federal government, is often buried or viewed as an inconvenience by broadcasters.  This was not the case with Christine and her show,” said Johnson. “Christine conscientiously researched and played lectures and discussions on the deeper and more important matters to our society and culture ... Beyond that socially progressive stance, from which she never wavered, Christine was a good and true friend.  Her impulse was always to help.  She was a giver more than she was a taker. With her public devotion to art a vehicle for social betterment, KXLU has lost a champion. With her inclination to engage and help, I have lost a friend.”

KXLU will hold a tribute program for Palma on Sunday, April 29 from 7 to 10 p.m. in celebration of Palma’s life and contributions. A memorial service will be held at the Church of St. Mark on Saturday, March 24 at 10:30 a.m., officiated by Father Michael Tang, a professor of art history at LMU.

“She was very kind hearted person and she embodied the real spirit of KXLU of that we’re all family and support each other and our shows, but she was even more so than that,” Pat Murphy, host of KXLU’s “Alien Air Music” and a longtime friend of Palma’s, said. “We can honor her memory by emulating her positive support, her patience and her dedication to our programs, as well as the other shows on KXLU.”

Sami Leung is a senior Psychology major from Cerritos, California. In her free time, she likes to read trendy books, go out to boba, and sing duets with her pet snake Elvis.

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