Community Table

As Community Table plans to shut down for Fall 2019, students look forward to better options.

Based on student feedback, Sodexo has decided to end Community Table, its all-you-can-eat food program that runs on Thursdays and Fridays for dinner and Saturdays for breakfast and brunch.

In an email to the LMU Community, Sodexo announced that Community Table would end starting Fall 2019. They announced a new "à la carte" dining style, which will allow The Lair to expand their hours, create added options for students with dietary restrictions, introduce premium foods and host interactive events.

Sodexo also provided a link where students can sign up for a focus group that offers them a space to discuss the new program and share their opinions.

Maya Donato, freshman theatre arts major, said that her options at community table had consistently felt very limited.

Other students have also taken issue with Community Table, and hope that the new à la carte style will solve these issues.

One of these issues is the point system used in Community Table. Students who purchase the lowest meal plan do not receive any points. This forces students to not eat dinner at The Lair on Thursdays and Fridays or go elsewhere for breakfast on Saturday.

However, the options offered to students at Community Table seemed to be the biggest concern.

“The thing about Community Table is sometimes it's a real hit and it’s really fire! And then sometimes, it's just really bad,” said Lizzy Mills, a freshman screenwriting major.

Many students have expressed desire for more options that include vegetables.

“I find that all the vegetarian options are all just the same food cooked differently. It's always just cheese inside some form of carb,” said Mills. “Not a lot of vegetables are present at community table.”

However, the similarity of the à la carte menu to Community Table is concerning to many students.

“If it's a bunch of different sides that you can put together to make your own thing, amazing! If it's a bunch of different dishes, kind of like Community Table, that scares me,” said Donato.

Donato worries if this new à la carte style will offer the employees a break from the usual made-to-order meal experience. “I also feel bad for the Sodexo workers who have to dish out individual meals all the time. For myself it’s great, but for them, not so much,” said Donato.

“I think it’s good that the University is listening to the students. Maybe they can fix some other issues too,” said Mills.

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