The construction of the new dorm buildings in East Quad are scheduled to be completed before Fall 2020 move in.

 Construction of the two buildings on either side of Doheny Hall is scheduled to be completed before Fall 2020 move in.

The new building intended for first year students will look similar to Del Rey North and South: each room’s layout will include built in closet space, but no sink, according to Beth Crowell, associate director for resident services. The building will also provide students with a communal kitchen and other shared spaces, as well as a number of both single-use and gender neutral restrooms on each floor.

While the building being constructed on the former site of Huesman Residence Hall will look similar to the Del Reys, the building being constructed on the former site of Sullivan Residence Hall will be the first of its kind on campus. The second building will be a mix of apartment and pod-style living and will house over 300 continuing students, according to Crowell.

Pod style living is made up of a series of interconnected double or single rooms that share a living room, kitchen and bathrooms with separate stalls. Each pod will house 18-19 students, as previously reported by the Loyolan.

Crowell stated that the pod-style living will be especially beneficial to the Living Learning and Theme communities on campus. Living Learning Communities are programs where students who take one or more courses together also live together, according to the LMU website. Living Learning Communities available on campus include Honors Living Learning Community, Life Science Early Awareness Program (LEAP) and Sustainable Living Experience (SLE).

“We are really excited that we were able to take student feedback and incorporate their ideas into the design of the buildings,” said Crowell. “For the first time single rooms in apartments will be available and our current number of single rooms on campus will more than double. Each building will have a number of common spaces including large event spaces and smaller areas where students can study or talk on the phone outside of their room.”

The buildings are currently in the framing stage of construction, according to Crowell. The walls used during this stage were made off-site to decrease the amount of noise pollution. However, some of the residents in Doheny are still affected by the construction.

Shadron Nash, a freshman biology major, said that the dust and noise from the construction are what affects him the most as a Doheny resident.

“All of the [Doheny] residents don’t like having to deal with the construction but it’s what we ended up with, so we just deal with it regardless,” said Nash. “I wouldn’t say it’s the best living arrangement but it could be worse … a little extra noise and dirt isn’t gonna kill us.”

Construction is scheduled to be finished before Fall 2020 move-in, according to Crowell. 


Molly Jean Box is a sophomore journalism major from Boulder, Colorado. Her favorite part of working for the Loyolan the free pizza. In her free time, she likes to think about the Loyolan.

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