SOA event.

Pictured above, Dr. Eric Strauss professor of biology and Executive Director of CURes, speaks to the audience about climate action. 

Speakers emphasized how college students can take steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle during the State of Action event on Thursday. Students learned how they can become an advocate for climate action and heard from a variety of speakers including biology professor and Executive Director of CURes, Dr. Eric Strauss, environmental science professor Dr. Cristina Tirado, Campus Sustainability Officer from Green LMU Ian McKeown and representatives from Energy Upgrade California.

A networking reception followed the event on the Rosehill Terrace. This event was affiliated with the Global Action Climate Summit that will be held in San Fransisco on Sept. 12-14. LMU will be sending five student representatives to the summit to attend panels and network.

At the reception that followed, students were encouraged to pledge how they can live more green. Senior accounting major Lina Pearlman is among the five students who will be attending the summit. She explained how honored she is to of been given this opportunity, especially with her passion for the subject.

"I am excited to hear more perspectives from professionals, especially given the political changes that have occurred over the past year," Pearlman said. She admires how people at the local and state levels go out of their way to pursue climate action goals despite the federal political landscape. She hopes to learn more, thus bettering herself on a personal level.

Yesenia Vargas, a field representative from Energy Upgrade California encourages students to get online. You can learn how to get involved with events in your area including several volunteer and community outreach programs. "We try to be the gateway of sorts," said Vargas. Small steps such as unplugging things when they are not in use and using power strips can make a big difference.

Melody Forsythe, Junior communications major and an employee of Energy Upgrade California played a big role in organizing the event on campus. As a transfer student, her interest in the Global Climate Action summit grew after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris agreement. "The state doesn't have to adhere to EPA or federal regulations. A state can actually exceed those regulations with their own regulations and proclamations," Forsythe explained.

Forsythe will be attending the Global Climate Action summit, one of the five students who will represent the LMU community in San Fransisco.

The event was Thursday, September 6, From 5:00-6:15 p.m. in the Life Sciences Building Auditorium.

Kayla is a senior communications studies major from Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys incessant sarcasm and inappropriate use of verb tense. When given the opportunity, she will rant about dogs for two hours straight.

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