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In their second meeting of the semester on Sept. 9, the University Faculty Senate released a motion related to the University’s COVID-19 policies and information.

The Faculty Senate “works collaboratively with the University administration and staff to foster the realization of our collective vision of the university as a place of learning and a center of intellectual inquiry,” according to their website.

The first motion requests that the University discuss any policies or research affecting faculty “prior to implementation.” They request that these updates be given through emails from the Provost Office.

The second motion asks that the University “implement once-weekly surveillance PCR testing also of vaccinated community members who regularly access campus.” It also asks that a rapid testing option in addition to extended hours and locations for testing sites be implemented.

According to the University’s COVID-19 protocols, currently only unvaccinated individuals visiting campus are required to get tested twice per week. For fully vaccinated individuals, testing is voluntary.

The third motion relates to the University’s COVID-19 Dashboard, requesting that it be expanded to showcase data such as absolute and relative case numbers, vaccination rates for “all populations,” positivity rates among tests and more.

As of publication, the University COVID-19 Dashboard displays the number of students, faculty and "contractors and visitors" currently in isolation and quarantine. A separate bar graph showcases the number of test-confirmed cases separated by these groups, as well as a pie chart showing confirmed cases on campus since March 2020.

It is unclear when these numbers are updated and when these charts were implemented to the COVID-19 Dashboard.

“When governance is shared, the decision making process and the setting of university-wide goals is collaborative and collegial, allowing for input from the board, administration, faculty, staff, and students,” according to the Faculty Senate website.

It also writes that the faculty’s “advice is given full consideration by the administration.”

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