A fire broke out in a Westchester-area home earlier this evening. The residence, located on the corner of 83rd St. and Georgetown Ave., did not appear to be owned by any LMU students, though several who live in the surrounding area were at the scene to witness the emergency response.

Zach Stayner, a Stewart Ave. resident and non-LMU student at the scene, said that he heard “an explosion” when working on Christmas lights on the roof of his house. According to Stayner, the explosion occurred at approximately 5:20 p.m.

After calling 911, Stayner and his father, Matt, an LMU alumnus, ran to the scene. According to Matt, emergency vehicles arrived less than a minute later. The fire was put out by firefighters at the scene by approximately 5:33 p.m.

The residence’s owners arrived at the scene at approximately 5:40 p.m. just as EMS officials unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate the owners' dog. According to several at the scene, the residents were in the process of moving out; several moving vans were seen near the house earlier in the day.

Two LMU students who also live on Georgetown Ave., senior business major Heather Dalhgren and senior psychology major Natasha Grabowski, heard the aftermath of the fire, but didn’t arrive on the scene until the fire was already put out. Grabowski described the sounds the two students heard as “like a war in the sky.”

UPDATE: According to a comment posted on the Loyolan's Facebook page by an account appearing to belong to LMU alumnus Sean Grant ('10), the residents are his parents, and were in the process of moving out after renting the house for about a year. The post also said that the residents' dog, Roxanne, was successfully resuscitated at the hospital.

– Additional reporting by Allie Heck, Opinion intern

Kevin O'Keeffe is a senior screenwriting major from Austin, Texas. In Texas, he once saw a man riding a horse on the highway and knew he had to move far away– hence attending school in Los Angeles. He loves "Revenge" and Kelly Clarkson revenge songs.

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