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Orientation leaders pose during freshman move-in. 

Nervous and excited energy filled campus on Thursday, Aug. 22 as it marked the annual move-in for freshmen. New students moved into their dorms and shared their thoughts for the year ahead.

In Rosecrans residence hall, students were unpacking and meeting their new roommates. “I commented on his Instagram,” said Connor Ewart, a freshman film production major, about meeting his roommate Jacob Prazer, also a freshman film production major. The two bonded over a shared passion for parkour.

Others coped with the inevitable travel-induced disasters. “[I’m feeling] a little overwhelmed because I had a little explosion of my shampoo in my bag,” said Maggie Scroggs, a freshman undeclared major. “I’m just excited to be here, it's been a really nice and welcoming environment so far.”

Luke Veltz, a freshman biology major, shared his excitement about the year ahead as he moved into a triple dorm in Rosecrans hall. “We have a kitchen and a bathroom and a shower,” said Veltz of his unusual dorm setup. “[My roommates] came from my high school. We’re all buddies. It’s gonna be great!” 

Across campus at McKay hall, freshmen moved into the suite-style residence. “It’s a bit different than I expected, but I like the closet. There’s a lot of space in there and I think it’ll be nice to share a bathroom,” said Felipe Rivera, a freshman engineering major. “I’m a little bit scared [to be living alone], but I feel ready for it.”

"Honestly I'm just excited for the culture," said Charlene Kay, a freshman undeclared major. Kay said that the hardest part about move-in was saying goodbye to her parents, but that her feelings for the year were positive.

Grace McCauley is a freshman journalism major from Evanston, IL. She enjoys classic rock, indie, and rap music and loves her Labradoodle, Vivian.

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