Jacqueline “Jackie” Huitron, a senior administrative coordinator in Human Resources, passed away on April 25, 2021, following a five-month battle with COVID-19. She was 39 years old.

Huitron joined LMU in September 2012 as a member of the Human Resources team. According to a message from President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D, Jackie “was instrumental in ensuring that HR was able to address the myriad challenges that the LMU community was facing, demonstrating a deep sense of dedication and commitment to the university. Ms. Huitron made significant contributions to the department, and her generous spirit, positive attitude, and good humor inspired her colleagues.”

“I have known Jackie for 20 years. I admired all those wonderful qualities that made her the special person that she was,” said Vice President of Human Resources Rebecca Chandler. “She had a great sense of humor, she was kind, compassionate and her smile was as bright as the sun. Her dedication and willingness to always go the extra mile to help anyone in need of assistance gained her the respect and affection of many in the LMU community. I have not only lost an amazing co-worker but I also lost a great friend."

In her nine years at the University, Jackie’s cheerful soul made a lasting impact in her department and beyond. “When I think about Jackie, I think about the way we used to talk about baseball, I think about how I can still remember what her voice sounded like, I think about the way we would chismear about everything and anything I think about how she never turned down my frequent calls for help,” said Gabi Arana, assistant director of Student Success, in an email to the Loyolan.

“Now when I reflect on having known Jackie, I will always think about how it will never feel like it was enough time, I will always wish that there had been more pictures taken, I will always know that her love will forever be with Nick, Jocelyn and, Abby, I will always be glad to know that I still have her silly messages saved in my phone, I will always be thankful the universe landed me here of all places at LMU where we got to share lunches, laughs and of course a love of all things HR.”

Jackie is survived by her children, Nicholas, Jocelyn and Abigail.

Jocelyn Jimenez, a sophomore marketing major, remembers her mother as her “super hero” and best friend. Not only was Jackie a dedicated and generous employee of the University, her spontaneity and vivacious outlook on life spread to every corner.

“I’m going to miss stopping by her office to bug her,” said Jocelyn. “I am going to miss spontaneously purchasing concert tickets the night of and go to concerts with her. I am going to miss hearing her in the kitchen cooking up a storm while she played Frank Ocean’s ‘pink+white’.”

Although Jackie is no longer physically part of the University community, her spirit, impact and legacy will continue to be remembered by those who knew her closely, and those who just merely heard stories of the vibrant woman from the payroll office.

“Even though I have a lot of things I will miss about her, these memories are things that I will hold so tightly” said Jocelyn. “I hope that everyone that had the opportunity to meet my mom and have a moment with her, to carry that on too. She is smiling that bright smile she always had on her face, down at us and forever will.”

Alyssa is a sophomore Film, Media and Television Studies, and Journalism double major from Minneapolis, MN. She loves her cat and having conversations about reality television.

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