New Editor, New Direction

Tor Marmon - our new editor-in-chief

After a certain period of time, a new editor-in-chief for the Loyolan is chosen after a rigorous application and hiring process. For the remainder of this semester, senior English major Tor Marom will serve as the editor-in-chief for the Loyolan.

Marom began working for the Loyolan after he was hired as a copy editor during the spring 2016 semester.

“I generally just wanted to write, and I wanted to give it a shot,” Marom stated. “Honestly, I was intimidated by the applications so [I decided] to apply as a copy editor. I was surprised and nervous [when I was hired as editor-in-chief], but really excited because I feel like I’m getting a chance to make a difference.”

Marom was born and raised in Calabasas, California, where his parents implemented the importance of independence throughout his childhood; he intends to use this quality to better the newspaper.

“While as a paper we need to work together as a team, a very big part of being a journalist is being able to be independent and to take initiative. Realizing this is crucial because at the end of the day, nobody will do your job for you,” Marom said. “[...] While every person has a role as a part of the team, each and every one has the opportunity to create amazing things for themselves and to improve the Loyolan as a whole.”

 The editor-in-chief of the Loyolan is in charge of the daily operations of the newspaper, including running print productions on Monday and Tuesday nights, training staff and leading the executive board and section editors. They are also involved in planning special projects and issues such as the annual First Amendment Week and serving as the public face of the Loyolan.

“Because the editor-in-chief serves as the top student leader at the Loyolan, the position is one of the most challenging student assignments on campus,” Tom Nelson, Director of Student Media and Loyolan adviser, said. “It takes someone who has confidence in their abilities and gifts, someone who respects dissenting and differing opinions, someone who has the courage to admit and to apologize when they make a mistake, someone who desires to play an active role in addressing the problems and challenges that face both the LMU community and the world.”

As the Loyolan is finishing up its hiring process, the former editor-in-chief, junior marketing major Gracie McManus said, “I’m excited to see what Tor will be able to accomplish this semester. Even though his time as editor-in-chief won’t be as long as normal, I think he’ll be able to execute some really cool projects. He’s got a great attitude and I’m confident that he’ll make an impact before he graduates.”

Although Marom did not work for his high school’s newspaper, he always knew he wanted to write since the first grade, and because of his interest in telling stories.

“Journalism is the backbone of our society,” Marom said. “In a world where people have to face up against various abuse without any protection or power to fight back, journalists must exist to hold these groups accountable and be the megaphone of the people.”


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