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The Loyolan takes home award for Best Newspaper at the College Media Association in New York City on March 9. 

The Los Angeles Loyolan has won the College Media Association (CMA) award for "Best Newspaper" in the category of schools between 5,000 and 10,000 students. The award was handed out at the annual CMA conference, which was held in New York City on March 9.

This conference invites staff and advisers from different college media publications, such as newspapers, yearbooks and magazines, to attend workshops and hear featured speakers. The purpose was for attendees to learn more about the world of college media and improve their publications. Staff from 157 public and private colleges, as well as two-year and four-year colleges, were invited.

“It was great meeting people from other schools around the country who are having the same problems we are. Hearing how they have succeeded gives us ideas on how we can succeed too,” said Loyolan Editor-in-Chief Jacob Cornblatt. “It’s great knowing that we’re not alone in this.”

The attendees of the conference from the Loyolan were Cornblatt, News Editor Isabella Murillo, Managing Editor Kayan Tara, Managing Editor Shannon Tormey, Digital Editor Jack Noble, Copy Chief Lucie Bolzan, Photo Editor Alyssa Reece and former Editor-in-Chief and current Senior Editor, Kellie Chudzinski.

During the conference, the staff learned more about how to connect with students, especially in the form of social media, according to Cornblatt. “Instagram is a difficult social media platform to use for people who have a website and are trying to link to other sources. It’s challenging, but we learned a lot on how to use it,” he said.

The Loyolan staff was paired up with an adviser from another student publication to critique the paper. “You always get a lot of really good ideas at the conference, so it’s always good to go in with thick skin,” said Chudzinski. “[My biggest takeaway] is to look for the angle that most affects students. We want to prioritize that.”

The Loyolan has previously won this award twice before. According to Chudzinski, the Loyolan was in a very different place when she came in as editor-in-chief two years ago. During this time, the Loyolan worked on improving its accuracy, relevancy and responsibility, as well as making its content more focused on the LMU community.

“Like every student organization, [the Loyolan] has had its good years and bad years. So I’m really lucky my two years ended on a high note,” said Chudzinski. “It makes me very proud.”

As the new editor-in-chief, Cornblatt hopes to build upon this high note. “[We’re going to] keep the foundation we have and improve in ways we learned at the conference. It’s a years-long process, so you can’t do everything at once. But as long as every paper we produce is increasing in quality, I’m going to be happy,” he said.



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