Lewinsky is an activist, public speaker and writer who uses her platform to fight against cyberbullying and sexual assault. The former White House intern, caught in the middle of Former President Bill Clinton's impeachment, has used her very public experience to advocate and inspire others.

Born in San Francisco, California, Lewinsky spent her childhood in Los Angeles, attending Santa Monica College for two years before enrolling at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Lewinsky moved to Washington, D.C. in 1995 to serve as a White House intern in the office of White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, during the Clinton administration.

While Lewinsky stayed out of the public eye for about a decade between 2004 and 2014, she wrote an essay for Vanity Fair in 2014 that brought her back into the spotlight. In the article, titled “Shame and Survival,” Lewinsky opened up about the Clinton affair and her life after the scandal.

Lewinsky has spent her recent years writing and speaking more on issues such as online harassment, public shaming and sexual harassment. She has used several platforms to spread her message from TV shows, essays, documentaries and speaking at events.

Lewinsky will be speaking on this year's First Amendment Week theme, "Reclaiming Our Stories." The event will take place on Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. in Burns Back Court.

Kayan Tara is a senior Theatre Arts and English double major from Mumbai, India. In her free time she likes taking naps on the beach, trying new foods and contemplating the vastness of the universe as she drinks way too many cups of tea.

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