The Gender and Intersectional Identities Living Learning Community (LLC) will be located in one of the new pod-style residence halls currently being constructed on East Quad. The particular building has not been selected yet, but will begin in fall of 2020. 

The LLC aims to give students a greater understanding of gender and sexuality in their developing role as leaders through community building, discussions, reflection and experiences in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Gender and Intersectional Identities LLC was created to facilitate a specific space for students with an interest in developing their understanding of the complex ways gender and sexuality shape the world around them and their experience of the community,” said Lalo Moreno, director of LGBT Student Services and Intercultural Initiatives.

Students in the LLC will live with others in the same program. With the help of faculty and staff, they will have family dinners and will be given off-campus service opportunities with Queer, Transgender and Intersex People of Color (QTIPOC) focused nonprofits around Los Angeles.

Members of the community will also take two courses together during the year, one in each semester. The course in the fall will be on the psychology of gender and the spring course will be on queer leadership group methodologies. These courses will be taught in partnership with the Ignatian Leadership Institute.

“Students will engage with the various intersections of their multifaceted identities, thereby encouraging growth across campus, and increasing the awareness and meaning-making behind our lived experiences,” said Moreno. “LMU will be able to provide additional space for these conversations to happen in all settings on campus only furthering our dedication to supporting the whole development of our students.”

This will be the ninth LLC on LMU’s campus. There are currently four LLCs in the first year housing including First Gen Forever, Life Science Early Awareness Program (LEAP), Programming for an Engineering Education Community and the Transfer Living Learning Community. LMU offers four others for returning students in addition to the Gender and Leadership LLC, namely Vanier, Arrupe, the Honors Living Learning Community and the Academic Community of Excellence.

“I think this new [Living Learning] Community will create a space at LMU where like-minded individuals can focus in on what is important to their community and how to spread the understanding of gender and the effects it has on our everyday lives,” said sophomore communication studies major Lauren Eckerdt.

While LMU provides a variety of LLCs for students to live and take the same courses together, the Gender and Leadership Living Learning Community is unique in that it will focus on learning about gender and sexual identity. 

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